How To Make Fall Wedding Decorations

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Summer is over and winter is coming—that is fall or autumn. This season is the transition from the active outdoor summer to the indoor and cold winter. It feels romantic settling down in such a lovely weather and it’s a good idea to be wed during fall.

Aside from the romantic ambiance, people start to become melancholic and the urge to be with their family is increasing. Again, perfect for a wedding knowing that you can be with your closest friends and family.

Although the season is perfect for your wedding, the overall success of this important event might be ruined if you decorated the occasion badly. Imagine being wed during fall and you used spring-inspired or summer-inspired motifs. You surely don’t want to be out of place and you surely don’t want your wedding to be out of fashion.

Here are some fall wedding decoration suggestions so you can start making your own:

Fall color. The colors associated to fall are red, orange, yellow, gold, and brown. You can use all these in your theme since these belong to the hues of red and yellow. Selecting two or three colors is not bad as well. It’s up to your taste and to the mood you want to have in your wedding.

Flowers. Yarrow, daisies, roses, and mums are all over during fall. These are inexpensive also because of the big supply. Take advantage of these flowers and choose them to decorate your fall-inspired wedding.

Other decorations. Use abundant fruits, flowers, and vegetables to give color to your wedding. Aside from the mentioned flowers, you may also want to use the abundance of pumpkins, grains, dried wheat, corn stalks, leaves, and nuts. For instance, you can make jack-o-lantern out of pumpkins. But instead of carving that scary face, your can carve flower, heart, or other patterns. Grains, corns, and nuts can give additional touch of fall if you use these as centerpieces.

More leaves. Instead of just using the usual red carpet to walk on, why don’t you put fall leaves on the carpet? Put leaves on the reception area as well. That will give a touch of freshness for the area.

Candles. Floating candles are romantic for a garden wedding on a fall. Add some colorful fall leaves on the water and that already turns the candles into something closer to fall.

Cornucopia. One of the most famous symbolisms of fall is the cornucopia. Why don’t you make some and decorate your wedding with these? Your bridesmaids can have these instead of flowers or maybe the corners of the reception area will be more beautiful with some cornucopia.

Paintings or photographs. Do you have some paintings or photographs that depict fall? If the reception area is so wide for some framed displays, then better use those spaces. Paintings and photographs will break the monotony of using real plants as fall wedding decorations.

Use your creativity and get inspired by the fall decorations that professionals do for a wedding. Start creating new with the ideas presented above and you’ll see, you also have the ability to make your own creations for your special day.


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