How To Make Flower Centerpieces for a Bridal Table

Flowers are a traditional part of a wedding. They are used in the church as ornaments and as decorations. At the reception area, the bridal table should always be the center of attraction of the room. It is where the bride and groom sit and dine with all their guests and well wishers seeing them together. Adorning it with flowers will be the perfect setting for the newly wedded couple’s first dinner together. If you think you need to hire a florist to arrange your bridal table centerpiece for you, you can stop right there. You can reduce your wedding expenses by making your own bridal table flower centerpiece. You will be amazed how you can create an outstanding piece of art.

What you need:

  • Flowers of your choice. It is always advisable to use flowers that do not easily wither.
  • A shallow container. Use a shallow pan that can hold a good amount of water for your centerpiece.
  • A piece of square florist foam.
  • Adhesive pot tape.
  • Clippers to cut your flowers.
  • Spare Eucalyptus leaves
  • Baby’s breath

You should create a centerpiece that is not too high and spreads evenly at all sides. The best shape for it is in the shape of an oblong. Here is how you should do it:

  1. Put the florist foam on your shallow container and mark a 50-millimeter line just above the rim of the pan. Cut the foam at the mark and slicing a beveled edge for maximum usage of the foam at all sides. The beveled edge would allow the flowers to appear continuously because there won’t be any dead angles.
  2. Place the florist foam on a bowl of water to soak. Do not force it in the water because it will get air inside the foam. Let the foam absorb the water on its own. Soaking takes about a minute. When it is soaked, take it out of the bowl and put it back on the container.
  3. Tape the container from corner to corner with pot tape. Be sure the foam is securely fastened in the container so it won’t fall off.
  4. Use the spare leaves to establish the outline of the centerpiece. Clean the leaves from the edge of the stems so you can pin the stem into the foam. Stick the longer stem into the shorter side of the foam. Do the same at the other side. The shorter stems should be pinned at the longer sides of the foam. This will shape the piece into an oblong. Position one piece of stem on top to establish the height of the centerpiece. Do not make the centerpiece too high that will block faces from view.
  5. Pin your flowers around the foam following the outline of the stems. Continue adding flowers until the piece has its desired volume. Remember to follow the oblong pattern of the foam. If the stems are short, cut the flowers to the same length.
  6. Finally, add more spare eucalyptus leaves sparingly. Add baby’s breath to highlight some of the sides. Do not over decorate it with baby’s breath. The small white flowers are only for accents.

You can set the bridal centerpiece on the centermost of the bridal table. The piece will have a focal point at the center. The flowers will spread horizontally to both sides of the table. It will look evenly dramatic to give your wedding a memorable highlight.


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