How To Make Flower Girl Baskets

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It has become a tradition to have flower girls march down the aisle before the wedding ceremony starts, and usually, the flower girl carries a basket filled with fresh flower petals or cut out colored paper to sprinkle over the aisle. Whether you are organizing a friend’s wedding, or your own, it is more practical for you to make your own flower girl basket than buying a ready made one. In this way, you can choose specific designs that will fit your wedding motif, as well as your budget.

You have several options in making flower girl baskets. You can make your own basket out of cardboard, or buy ready make baskets from thrift stores or reuse a fruit basket and decorate it with ribbons, and flowers.

If you choose to use card board boxes, you need to have the following materials: card board, scissors, glue, colored paper, ribbons or tulle, fresh flowers or artificial flowers, and beads. Cut out a circle from the cardboard, which will serve as the basket’s base. The base’s diameter may range from five to eight inches. Then cut out the sides of the basket, which should be deep enough to hold the petals or cut out colored paper, but shallow enough for the flower girl to reach inside and grab the petals. The basket’s depth may range from three to five inches. Then place the sides of the basket and secure it with glue. Then cut out a strip of cardboard which will serve as the basket’s handle. This should be one inch thick and its length should be around two feet long. Attach one end of the strip on the rim of the basket, and then attach the other end on the opposite side of the rim. You can use glue or a stapler to secure the handle. You may now wrap the basket with colored paper, and then you may wrap it with ribbons or tulle. Also wrap the handle with ribbons and place a flower at each end of the handle.

If you are using a ready made basket, whether it used to be a small fruit basket or was brought from a thrift store, you may need to wash or wipe it clean first. Let it dry before decorating. As with the cardboard basket, wrap the body and the handles with ribbons or tulle. You can also string some beads and use that to add some accent to the basket. Glue the string of beads at the upper edge of the basket. Also place a lining inside the basket that will hold the petals or paper cuttings.

The decorative materials to avoid in making flower girl baskets include glitters, sequins and wires that stick out. Glitters will stick on the flower girl’s palms and might get into her eyes if she rubs it with her hands. Sequins and wires might catch the flower girl’s dress and damage both gown and basket.    

After the wedding, save the baskets for future use. You may opt to remove the decorations and keep the basket bare. You may also recycle the ribbons and artificial flowers, if any, for use in your other crafts.


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