How To Make Gift Bags for a Wedding Party

Wedding gift bags are welcome treats for guests and those who helped make your dream wedding a reality.  A wedding gift bag is a thoughtful way to thank those who went out of their way to be part of your wedding or make the preparations for your wedding.  It should contain thoughtful and useful items for its recipients, the name of the recipient and a note of appreciation from both bride and groom.  Learn how to make gift bags for the wedding party with the following tips:

  1. Make a list of the wedding guests and the important persons in your wedding so that you know how many bags you will be making—that is, if you don’t have a guest list already. Don’t forget to include your parents, parents-in-law, bridesmaids, best man, ushers, and maid of honor, among others.
  2. Think of what gifts you will be giving to your guests. It can be a generic token that can be used by members of either sex—gift certificates are great in addition to small trinkets. But to make the gifts extra special, why not try giving gifts that you know will be used and liked by each individual guest?
  3. Create individual cards for the gift bags of the guest.
  4. Here’s one creative idea for the individual cards: you will need a metal stamp in you and your partner’s last name initials and some metallic wax to match specialty paper following the color motif of your wedding theme, and a small card (the ones with a flap you have to open to read the message inside, not the business-card type), a pen, ruler, and a matching metallic colored pentel pen. Open the card and put face down on the corner of the specialty paper. Trace with a pen. Using the ruler, measure the dimensions of the card to create as many of it on the specialty paper. Cut the specialty paper. Fold each individual card in half. Melt some wax onto the front of the card, hold down the stamps of your initials for a few seconds and lift off. You can write the name of your guest inside using the metallic pen in beautiful cursive form, or have someone artistic do it for you. Write your message inside the cards for a personal touch.
  5. Consider the theme of your wedding in picking out the gift bag. Here’s one creative idea: pick bags in the color of your wedding motif but use a different shade from the card—in short, follow a monochromatic color scheme. Put matching tissue paper inside for effect. You can accessorize the bag some more to fit the theme of your wedding.
  6. Now, get one wedding bag at a time and put in the gift and party favors you want to give your guest. Attach the corresponding card with double adhesive tape, or a ribbon.

There you have it—creative and fun tips on how to make gift bags for the wedding party.  A beautifully made bag with thoughtful gifts inside is a great way of saying thanks to the guests and the people who made your wedding happen, so don’t scrimp! But if you must, express your gratitude and make specific mention of the things you want to thank the person for to let him know he is appreciated.


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