How To Make Homemade Baby Barrettes

With so many baby barrettes sold at stores, the choices can be very overwhelming. Additionally, most of them are really very generic. You can make one of these at home and at a very early age, display a certain individual style for your baby. Follow this easy guide to making a baby barrette.

  1. Shop for the things you need for this project first. You will need plain barrettes in many colors. Accessories stores sell these in packs so it's easy to buy one. Choose the ones for babies—they come in smaller size than the ones for regular aged kids. They also are lighter on the baby's head.
  2. You will need some accents for the baby barrettes. You can use ribbons. They’re the most popular choice. Decide on the colors of the ribbon. You can get ribbons from crafts store or the crafts section at the department store. You could also put buttons and other novelty accents. You will also need a glue gun and scissors.
  3. Cut the ribbons in the size you want for the barrettes. Make sure to cut a longer length so that in can be glued properly all the way inside the barrette. When you have the right size, carefully glue this on the barrette with your glue gun, taking note to cover all the areas. Although it may be longer, you must also be sure to glue and cut the ribbon exactly so that there are is nothing hanging out and there are no excesses left. Not only is this sloppy but it may also snag with the baby or eventually fray and then cause accidents. Make sure also that the ribbons have no bumps or flush. When this is done, you now have a barrette with a smooth-colored surface.
  4. It is time to embellish the barrette. You can put a big bow using the same ribbon by cutting a little extra and making a bow. Glue this above the smooth surface of the barrette.  You can also glue in some pompoms, buttons or the novelty item, to make a more personalized baby barrette. Just be sure not to embellish too much as babies do not exactly need something with too many trinkets and embellishments on their barrettes.
  5. You can also make a Velcro barrette. Instead of using the standard plain barrettes you can buy in bulk, you can use this lightweight material. You need to sew the Velcro pieces together after cutting them out in very interesting shapes.  Velcro comes in wonderful colors too, so you can sew in different layers and colors.  Glue a clip on underneath it. Velcro barrettes are lovely on babies because they are very lightweight and would stick really well.
  6. Snap Tapes would also make good baby barrettes. However, a word of caution—these won’t work really well if you have grabby baby, and for babies with thinner hair as the snaps could get caught in their hair.

Don’t be afraid to experiment with barrettes though. It would be fun to create plenty of accessories that would look really good on the baby.


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