How To Make Indian Wedding Flower Decorations

Indian culture is very interesting and colorful. It represents a rich mixture of beliefs and ancient traditions. Whether you are Indian or not, you can choose to incorporate Indian culture in your wedding through the flower decorations. Here are the tips that you must keep in mind in making Indian wedding flower decorations.

  1. Use Indian lighting techniques to create an Indian ambience. One of the most important distinguishing marks of an Indian wedding from the others is the lighting. You will need this because they help accentuate the flower decorations that you will do later on.
  2. Use Indian decors and symbols. Indian lighting can be done by incorporating Indian lanterns decorating the main area. Use scented and colored candles covered in Indian style candle holders. On the other hand, Indian decors may be integrated in the flower decorations such that lanterns and Indian images can be decorated with small white roses and orchids.
  3. Transform the venue into a “mandap”. The mandap is a low canopy with four poles accentuating the corners. The dominant colors are silver, red and yellow. You can create this effect by using flowers and vines of these colors. Arrange the flowers in bundles and pin them into the poles. Hang some of them in the canopy. Drape the area with net. Interlace ribbons, carnations and white roses in some parts.
  4. Accentuate the floor with rose petals. Pluck out the petals of red roses. Scatter them across the venue, with increasing quantity towards the stage. Also include some yellow jasmine to complete the motif of the occasion.
  5. Depending on the season, decorate the place with the appropriate colors. Indians have definite colors that they use in their weddings. Make these colors as the central theme by using them in subtle tones in the background. Nonetheless, depending on the season, you can still use other colors. If the wedding is held in summer, you can use light blue and citrus colors for an element of vibrancy. If it is held in fall, use shades of brown and yellow. Accentuate each flower pots with marigolds and gerberas.
  6. Combine flowers with wall ornaments. You can use light yellow orchids to give wall decors like bells an interesting accent. Tie around some red, maroon and yellow ribbons on the handles of the bells. Do this decorating technique with the other wall ornaments in the room.
  7. Design the bride and the groom’s flower paraphernalia. Put boutonnières and pin small flowers on the groom’s suit. Design the bride’s bouquet using magnolias and white roses. Garnish the couple’s garlands with ribbons and autumn colored flowers.

In choosing your flowers, it is best that you choose only a maximum of seven kinds of flowers. This is to make your flower decorations more neat, tidy and simple to the eyes. Focus on a color theme and elaborate it. Most importantly, you must consult Indian wedding organizers to know certain conventions and rules to guide you in your task.


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