How To Make Inexpensive Wedding Decorations

Your wedding day is one of the most important milestones of your life, but spending a big deal of money for it may not be an option for you. Yet you can make your wedding memorable and unique without necessarily spending much. Your wedding decorations, albeit inexpensive, can make the difference. Decorating is more about creativity than money. For tips and advice on how to make inexpensive wedding decorations, read on.

  1. Make your own ‘relationship history’ photo album. To make this photo album into a great heart and eye teaser, make it a big one. Gather all your photos (or print them if they are still in digital format) and arrange them in a chronological manner. Buy a large cardboard, approximately 5 inches by 6 inches, glitters, crayons and other ornaments. Make a big memories card by pasting them inside the album with small notes below them. Add you own personal touch. This is more heartwarming that the glitzy yet impersonal albums they sell for more than twenty bucks.
  2. Dig out your childhood art projects and post them. Why not dig into your own art collections and show them to the people. Do not worry if they are ugly. Tell your partner to also share his own childhood memorabilia, if there are any. Make rudimentary border or frames, put a little hook on the back, write a simple note and description on each and post them around the venue. These items are very personal and entertaining and they bring back lots of wonderful memories when bride and groom were still strangers to each other.
  3. Make a vision of your home. Get a large and flat clay pot with plants in it. Cut out pictures of you and your partner, your ideal pet, your dream house, dream car and so on. Tape sticks at the back of them. Make a small dream world in the pot by sticking the figures in between the plants.
  4. Make unusual centerpieces.  A centerpiece does not necessarily have to be expensive. Think of the most important things in your relationship and make them as your centerpiece. For example, if you fell for him because he plays the piano very well, get a small toy piano, put it in a stylish pedestal, arrange some flowers around it and place a figure of a man and a woman at the top of it. Try to come up with other plans.  Centerpiece ideas are unlimited.
  5. Maximize your flower decorations. Flowers can cost you a lot especially if you bedeck your wedding venue with flowers in every corner. To minimize costs on flower decorations, avoid making very large bouquets. Use flowers only to accentuate the whole place. If you fill the venue with flowers the other wedding ornaments will no longer be noticed, plus the fact that they can eat a lot from your budget.

The best weddings are not the most expensive ones but rather the most memorable. With inexpensive and creative wedding decorations, you can make your wedding more worth remembering.


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