How To Make Mother's Milk Tea

If you are a mother who has just delivered a baby, it is necessary that you have ample supply of breast milk to feed your newborn infant. A lot of suggestions from people tell you to eat certain foods to increase your milk supply, but there is one drink that can definitely do the job. Mother’s milk tea guarantees an increase of your breast milk supply. Since it is made from natural herbs, you can be sure that it is organic. Recommended dosage for mother’s milk tea is 3 to 4 cups a day. Make your own mother’s milk tea with the following steps:

1. List down your ingredients before heading for the store. Be sure that you have the complete list so you would not have to be going back and forth to get your ingredients. Your list should include the following:

  • 1 ounce of dried borage or blessed thistle leaves
  • 1 ounce of dried nettle or raspberry leaves
  • 1 teaspoon of any one of these seeds: anise, caraway, coriander cumin, dill or fennel

2. Prepare boiling water. Be sure that the water is boiling before you put in the leaves. Prepare a container for the mixture that has a securely tight cap. Having a tight cap will prevent unwanted bacteria to settle into the tea pot.

3. Put the leaves in a heat-proof jar or tea pot and pour in boiling water to fill a half gallon. Be sure that you are protected when handling hot objects. Wear heat-proof gloves or mittens when you hold a hot kettle.

4. Once you have filled the tea pot or jar with water, secure the cap and close it tightly. Let the leaves steep overnight. Be sure the cap is tight to prevent bacteria and mosquitoes from contaminating the water.

5. In the morning, strain the leaves. You can store the tea inside the refrigerator if you will not immediately drink it. What is great about these tea herbs is that you can store it in large amounts. This will cut your preparation time in half.

6. Drink one cup of mother’s milk tea before nursing. Prepare the tea by pouring one cup into a tea pot and let it simmer over heat. Before it starts to boil, put one teaspoon of any of the seeds. Let it brew for five minutes. Let it cool before drinking. Recommended amounts a day is up to two quarts of mother’s milk tea.

When it comes to your baby, it is always important to go for the natural ingredients. You would not want to risk your baby’s health as well as your own health. There are also other drinks like Fenugreek that can help increase your milk supply but remember never to mix drinking both at the same time. It is best to drink one supplement at a time. Do not drink excessively, all drinks in excess are always a potential risk to your health, drink only the recommended dosage per day. Remember to consult your doctor first before taking any supplement and do consult with a trained and a knowledgeable herbalist. 


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