Making Out the First Time—Kissing and Make Out Tips

Learn Tips on Making Out and How You Can Have a Meaningful Relationship

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Making out is more than sharing a kiss or two. If you want to learn how to make out for the first time, keep in mind that making out does not have to lead to more. Try out these steps and you should feel confident to make out for the first time.

Here are some tips;

  1. Set the atmosphere. If you plan well, your first make-out session won’t happen in the back of a car or hiding under the bleachers. For your first try at making out, consider watching a movie together and curling up on the sofa. This way you can ease into things by holding hands and then cuddling before things get hot and heavy. It is best if you feel like you already have an intimate relationship with the other person.
  2. Have fresh breath. Learning how to make out means more than just the act itself as there is preparation involved. Prepare by brushing your teeth or chewing a few mints. If you prefer to chew gum to freshen your breath, make sure to get rid of it before you start to lock lips.
  3. Take care of bodily needs. This means take a bathroom break and have a snack before getting hot and heavy into a make-out session. Grumbling stomachs are as distracting as asking for a break to use the bathroom. Plan ahead and take care of these things before you get cozy on the couch.
  4. Make sure you are both in the mood. You will both be disappointed if you aren’t equally interested in making out. Your partner may just want to watch the movie. Starting with touches and cuddling lets you know if you are both in the mood.This is perhaps the best of the make out tips so feelings don't get hurt.
  5. Start out slow. Starting with touches again is a good way to start out slow. From touching move to soft, slow kisses.
  6. Vary the kisses and more kissing tips. Making out requires variety in your kisses. Start with a closed-mouth kiss, then change it up with open-mouthed and tongue kisses. Experiment with different mouth positions and speeds.
  7. Follow your partner’s response. Making out is a two-party activity. Don’t overwhelm your partner by taking charge and running the show. Let your partner respond and lead some of the time. Find out what you both like.
  8. Enjoy the feelings. Don’t spend all your time thinking about your moves. Pay attention to what you feel and let your body react. Making out is supposed to be a fun activity you can share with your partner.

It is normal to be nervous when you make out for the first time. Take your time and be sure both you and your partner are ready. We hope these making out tips will let yourself feel and enjoy the experience.


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