How To Make Quality Time in 4 Minutes

Quality time with the kids is easy to do and does not require a lot of materials. I have a few suggestions that helped keep my kids (4 and 2 year old) busy for a while and made it enjoyable for all of us (even my husband)

  1. The game of 3 sticks – the perfect quality time because it involves activity and fresh air. No purchase necessary and all you need is either a back yard and if you live in a condo and do not have the space simply go to the nearest park. You also need 3 sticks. And the game goes like this: you place the 3 sticks on the ground and the point is to cross them over with one hop at a time. Now this is the fun part when the kids are trying is, because you start with the sticks being close to each other and then you separate them hence make the space between them bigger and therefore harder to get through. The kids would love it because it involves running and jumping, you would love it for the same reason and at the end it’s always fun to beat your significant other – great quality time outdoors
  2. Another quality time with the kids is to play hide-and-go-seek…. Yes, yes that old game, think about it how innovative your kids need to be to find hiding places so you won’t find them. This one stresses their thinking and sense of inventing and creative thinking… fun fun with no money spent
  3. This quality time idea is for the fun of making arts and crafts, again, no purchase is necessary, all you need are the items that you already have at home such as papers, crayons, glue, fabrics and anything else you can thing about that you have at home. Just give your kids all the material and let them get loose on the paper. Great for their creativity and great for you to be amazed by your child. Also the best quality time
  4. Quality time idea is to draw squares on the pavement or on the sand and play hopscotch… yes, we used to play it as kids so why don’t have your kids play it. I played it with both my girls and they enjoyed it a lot. Have them throw the rock at the right square – challenge, have them hop on 1 foot – challenge as well… and all is outside and activity, great quality time and great with developing their precision.

As mentioned before, all of these worked for my children, and at the end we had a blast in this quality time that can be used indoors and out. ENJOY!


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