How To Make Simple Wedding or Shower Favors on a Budget

Both weddings and wedding showers are typically expensive affairs that can drain your wallet. There are plenty of things that you will need to pay for and buy, starting from the wedding gown, the rent for the reception hall, the food, the video and photography services, and many more. One way to save is by minimizing the expenses that you have for the wedding or the shower favors. Most people offer favors that show the guests just how much they appreciate the fact that the guests took the time and effort to come and celebrate the wedding with the new couple. Here’s how you can make simple favors no matter what your budget is.

  • Cut the tulle. Start by selecting a length of tulle in the color of your choice. Tulle is a fine and lovely fabric that is partially transparent, so that you can see what is inside. You will use the tulle as the bag for the favors. The tulle should be cut in circles that are around eight to ten inches in diameter. You can make the tulle containers smaller or larger, depending on the size of the favors that you will put in them.
  • Add the bubbles. Now, take a sheet of tulle that you have already cut to size, and place it on top of a small bowl. The small bowl will allow you to easily add items to the middle of the tulle sheet, without the favors rolling away from the sheets. Add in some pieces of chocolate and candies, as well as other decorative items such as plastic bubbles or even marbles. Be sure that you calculate the number of guests that you have, and the number of candies or sweets that you want to add in each favor. Usually, around ten to fifteen pieces of high quality candies will be enough.
  • Tie. After you have added the candies, take the edges of the tulle sheet and lift out the bundle from the bowl. Use a piece of ribbon to tie the tulle and keep the favors inside. Make sure that you fluff out the edges of the tulle, so that they look fancy.
  • Add the note. For the finishing touches, simply print out some small thank you notes and punch holes in the notes. Use a piece of string to tie these to the ribbon in the wedding favors. If you want, you can also add decorations such as plastic rings, and use these to attach the thank you notes to the favors.
  • Display. Now that you have the wedding favors, the next step is to find a suitable container where you can display the favors. You can use the best and most pretty looking tray you can find as a place where you can display the favors. Add in some rose petals to make the display look even more charming and romantic.

With these steps, you should be able to create shower or wedding favors that you can give away to your guests, without having to bust your budget.


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