How To Make Someone Jealous

Jealous girl

Let's just face it, envy is a powerful emotion. Jealousy can make your exes cringe, or make your current love interest even more passionate about being your suitor. There are many ways to make your guy more jealous, and it becomes easier to manipulate his emotions the more that you know him. Find out his hobbies, his interests, and his quirks.

This guide will teach you how to use them.

  1. Find our his favorite hobby. You're going to want to find out your guy's favorite hobby, and when you do, offer to do the hobby or activity with one of his guy friends. IN FRONT of him. This will make your guy super jealous, and will make him want to spend more time with you.
  2. Be active, go out and do your favorite things. Don't wait for him to catch up to you. If he answers his phone, tell him that you planned on going out tonight, and if he asks to come, tell him that you already had plans to go with some friends (even if you didn't). Even leave him little hints as to where you are going, so perhaps he can follow you there, and passionately declare his love for you.
  3. Hang out with other guys, and date them. Make it known that you are dating other men. This will make your potential love interest extremely jealous. Mention in casual conversation how these men have bought you gifts and flowers, even if they didn't. Talk about the intimacies of your relationships, and how you live it when men do things for you. Don't go too overboard, though. You might drive the man away if you talk too much about the other guys in your relationships, and he will think that you care more for them than you do him, and will back off.
  4. Maintain relationships with other men. Have a good host of guy friends who you can hang out with, even if you aren't involved with them. Make sure that you really aren't intimate with these men, though. Just keep them around to go out on fun trips with.
  5. Wear sexy clothes, and show off your womanly curves! Put on your best makeup, gussy up in front of a mirror. Make your skin shine, girl! If you guys wants you badly, he'll come and get you back. Show off your thing, sweet stuff, but once again, don't go too overboard, or he might think you to be unfaithful in a future, dedicated relationship.
  6. Comment about what you like about him, as well. Make little hints and comments that give him hope, and encourage him to pursue you.

Just remember. You're your own woman, so do what you think is best! Don't let anyone tell you otherwise.


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