How To Make Your Boyfriend's Parents Like You

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Everyone is praying for Mr. Right and if we found him, the next thing that we anticipate is to meet his parents and hoping they will like us in return. You might have a hard time with Mama and Papa but it doesn’t mean that you bring to a halt. This is a great opportunity to know what will please them and use it as your advantage. The first, second, and third meetings might be uncomfortable for you and his parents. However, in time, you will surely surpass this awkward stage by following these steps:

First, do not ever compete with his family’s attention most especially with his mom.  Mother’s tends to be overprotective at times.  Needless to say, he only wants the best for his son. As the saying goes, “Mothers Knows Best”. For now, she thinks that you are distracting his son in some ways; may it be in school, work, in achieving his lifelong dreams, and so many more. Reassure your boyfriend that you know where his parents are coming from and you are with him to give additional support and inspiration.

Second, if introductions were made, do not try to be best of friends with them in an instant.
Keep your distance and be gracious that his folks are getting along with you. It takes time before your future in-law’s welcomes you to the family. As of now, they only see you as one of the “many” girls that his son dates. So don’t be too enthusiastic about this whole getting-to-know each other stage. It will come naturally in due course and you will realize that you do not have to overdo everything.

Third, tell your boyfriend that you care about him and his relationship with his parents. Boys will always be boys. They need to be told most of the time how much they are loved, cared and appreciated. Once you told him that you are concerned about his family the same way he is with them, definitely he will be glad. And this is your ticket to win his love even more but be sure that you are sincere when you say that “you care about his parents”. Once he learned that you are just faking everything, he will backfire and tell you that his parents are all along right about you.  And this is the scariest thing that we don’t want to hear.

Lastly, respect yourself.  You might have a hard time earning their approval so be civil about the situation. There’s no need for a rush. If you feel that in some ways that you are being pushed around, tell your boyfriend about it. He has the right to protect you as well and next time around, his parents might change their behavior towards you. Hopefully.

A number of books suggested that there are ways to impress your boyfriend’s Mom and Dad. So before you meet his beloved parents, do your research and the best person that can provide you with that information is no less than your boyfriend.


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