How To Make Your Bride Happier

I'm sure you always ask yourself how to make your wife happier. It's easier than you think. The secret is the little details that make all the difference between a happy and a sad wife. Follow these tips and you'll see it really works!

  1. Remember that she's your biggest gift.
  2. Look deeply in her eyes as often as you can. Always say she's beautiful, but try to be natural...
  3. Notice the details like a new hair cut, or the dress she's wearing. Or even talk about the color she painted her nails. Talk to her about these little things. Women love it! Don't be shy and make she fells as she was the owner of the world.
  4. When she's talking to you, make sure she understands that you are paying attention. Be responsive. Don't forget tip 2, always looking at her eyes...
  5. Pay attention to what she's showing with her attitudes and try to discover what she's feeling. If you can't tell what she's feeling, ask her every time you suspect she's having some problem.
  6. Always listen to her and talk, talk, talk a lot. Women like to talk. Men generally may not be as talkative, but it's necessary to be a good communicator with your wife. It will remind her that she's important to you.
  7. Think before you act. Before doing something you are sure she's not going to like, think about if she would do the same, and also if she would respect you. Respect is the basis of all relationships.
  8. Surprise her. Buy flowers and write a little card, just saying you love her. Or plan a romantic dinner!

I think these are some basic tips that will certainly help you to win her heart, day by day!


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Haha..nice ways to make woman happy!

By jasmin nanda