How To Make Your Child Feel Loved and Valued

It is important that you show your children how important they are to you.  It is how they feel your love, making them feel secure and not alone.  But as they slowly grow from babyhood to school-aged children, things can be a bit tricky especially when expressing public displays of emotion.  However, there are other ways that you can explicitly convey your affection to them.  To learn more about how to make your child feel loved and valued, here are some great and helpful tips that you can consider.

  1. Constantly praise him!  It is very important to make sure that you show him you notice every single effort that he has exerted regardless how simple it is.  But you have to be real about it.  Children are smarter than you think.  They can immediately tell if you are just complimenting it for them to shut up or if you are sincere about what you have said. 
  2. Help him realize what a wonderful person they are.  All children are unsure of so many things, and this includes uncertainties about themselves.  Always remind them how special and unique they are.  This will give them a healthy boost of self-confidence making them creative and courageous at all times. 
  3. Talk to your child with the things that are important to him.  This will definitely show that you value him.  Be interested in what he likes and what he wants to say.  It will help your child become more open to you.  Communication is very important so make it an effort to connect with your kid by learning to really listen to him.
  4. Show your child that you love him regardless.  Show him that you embrace his uniqueness.  Make it very clear that you accept him for who he is.  This will prevent him from pretending that he is someone else when he is not.
  5. Spend quality time with your child.  Explore each other's interests, and make sure you spend time alone with him.  Go to the park or to the mall.  Watch a movie and go out for an ice cream snack.  In his eyes, these simple things really matter, so make sure you do it in a regular basis.
  6. Always be there for your child.  It is very important that you let him know that you will be there during the good times and the bad times.  Never leave him hanging.  This will show how much you love him.
  7. Laugh and have fun with your kid.  This will create fond memories that he will forever cherish for as long as he lives. 
  8. Open yourself up!  It is very important that your child knows you as well.  Loosen up and share your past experience, something that your kid can relate to.  It may be a failed math exam or detention.  This will tell him that you are not perfect and that whatever he is going through is normal.

These are the things that you need to do in order for you to successfully show how much you love and value your child.  Good luck!


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