How To Make Your Coworker Fall for You

Because you see her everyday, are exposed to both her sweetness and idiosyncrasies, and know the small and big details of her life, it is so likely that you fall for a coworker. And because you like her so, it is natural that you want the affection to be two-way—you like her, she likes you too. Making a coworker fall for you, however, can be a little challenging. But if your intentions are good and your sincerity is evident, it won’t be too long before you make her notice you. Consider the following tips.

  1. Be physically attractive. Admit it, the first thing that a girl is going to notice is your physical appearance. Therefore, before going to work, pay extra attention to your face, hair, clothes, shoes, and everything else that will make you physically presentable.
  2. Impress her with your wit. If she is impressed with your looks, the girl will then try to find out if there is something more about you. So try to expose more of your charm by showing her that you are a man with sense. Be careful, though, because there is a very thin line between making a positive impression and being arrogant.
  3. Treat her nicely. Girls like nice boys. And nice boys treat girls kindly. If you want her to get interested in you, make little kind actions. You can perhaps pull a chair for her, hold the door open for her, or offer to photocopy a document for her. She will appreciate all these, and surely you will get noticed. But don’t be kind just for the sake of being kind. Girls know exactly when boys are being kind in the hopes of winning them. And they often feel like they are being duped. So remember to always be sincere.
  4. Send her notes. In the busy hours of the day, send her short and random notes to relieve her stress and make her smile. The notes don’t have to be fancy. On a small piece of paper, for instance, write her a personal joke. Or tell her some trivia. Even better, remind her to smile. The purpose here is simply to make her feel that you think of her even in the busiest part of the day. Your effort will certainly not go unnoticed. If it is your lucky day, you might even receive a note from her, too.
  5. Make little surprises. Girls are thrilled by surprises. The small ones they appreciate, too. In your office, you can make little surprises that will make her exceptionally happy, like placing a box of chocolates on top of her computer, arranging her messy piles of documents, or putting fresh flowers in her vase. If you want to truly surprise her, you can invite her to an impromptu lunch date. You can also have a group date with your other coworkers, so she won’t feel like you are being too exclusive.

Finally, smile. Top all your efforts with a nice, heartwarming smile. It will make her more comfortable with you. And even though she hasn’t seen you as more than a coworker yet, a simple smile can be a start of something good.


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