How To Make Your Ex Mad

One of the worst feelings in the world is when your loved one breaks up with or dumps you. This can really create feelings of depression, bitterness, and hate. In other cases, it becomes a powerful motivation to enact revenge. Sometimes, the road to total closure with an ex can be through revenge and making him mad. This will lift up your spirits knowing that you can, at a certain level, make your ex feel miserable and even the same way you do. To get your ex mad, there are many strategies you can employ. Some are simple while others more complex.

  1. Pretend that you are unaffected. One of the most effective strategies you can use to make your ex annoyed and even angry would be to show him that breaking up with you is no big thing. Whenever you see your ex, smile and laugh. Do not let him see you crying or angry. If your ex sees you in high spirits as if the whole relationship did not matter to you, he will definitely get annoyed.
  2. Show off that you are single and loving it. Call up your friends, preferably males, and get them to hang out with you at places where your ex frequents. Make sure he sees you having a great time with your friends. Let him see you engage in some flirtations with other men that seem better than he is. Choose male friends that are superior in a physical sense. If your ex sees this, this will definitely make him peeved and may even regret having dumped you.
  3. Steal his friends. During the high times of your relationship, you probably have met his friends and even bonded with them to a certain degree. If you really want to piss your ex off, work on his friends and gain their loyalty. Steal his friends and he should blow his top fast. This will make him see that you are winning the war.
  4. Steal his hangout. If you have employed the three previous strategies stated, it is time to intensify it. Make his hangout yours as well. If he frequents a particular bar, make an effort to hang out there with a date or friends. If you have executed the previous strategies to perfection, he should be really angry and frustrated by this point. Stealing his hangout as well should really get his blood boiling to a point where he becomes the person more affected.
  5. Embarrass him. If you really want to put the icing on the cake, dig down and remember his most embarrassing moment. If the dirt is something that threatens his manliness, so much the better. Spread the dirt around the people he knows. Make sure to include the friends you stole from him. If you time this carefully, this could be the clincher. Remember to be wary as he can blast some dirt on you as well.

Once you notice how miserable, angry, and bitter you ex has become, it might be high time to stop. There are two options you can now explore. You can move on and close that chapter of your life or feel sympathy for your ex thinking he has learned his lesson. Sometimes, revenge can make people regret what they have done. If you are still willing to work out your differences, then you can opt to get back together. It is all up to you.


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