How To Make Your Girlfriend Feel Loved

Most of the time, long romantic relationships become stagnant. This is hugely the case when a man starts to neglect his woman. The trick to having a healthy and loving relationship is to make your girlfriend feel loved all the time. When you were still courting your girlfriend, you probably pulled out all the stops so that she would notice you and fall in love with you. It is at this time that she felt how special and loved she was. Years go by and the love she felt waned because you failed to reinforce it. It is all about consistency. To win that love back, you will need to make her feel loved again and loved regularly. There are literally thousands of ways to do this.

  1. Pay attention to her. Your girl has probably noticed that over the years your attention has gravitated away from her. You need to show her how special she is to you. Start by simply listening and paying attention to her and what she has to say. It does not need too much effort. Listen to her problems and complaints. Do not butt in while she is speaking and do not de-prioritize her interests over yours. If she has done something new to herself, notice it and compliment her.
  2. Send her flowers. During the days you were courting her, you probably gave her a bunch of flowers on no particular occasion. This symbolized how you adored her and made her feel special. You can do that again. Once again, it does not need too much effort on your part. You can go to your local flower shop or order online and have it delivered to her when she least expects it. Do this once in awhile to make her see that it is no fluke.
  3. Wine and dine her. Take her out on a date like you did when you started to fall in love with each other. Make dinner reservations at her favorite restaurants. Go to the movies with her and catch the latest chick flick. Make it a night for the both of you. However, focus on what she likes more than what you like. You can opt for a whole day or weekend date if you prefer.
  4. Pamper her. Bring her to a spa or beauty salon and treat her to best treatments to make her feel good and pampered. Join her on some of the treatments to make it a couple’s experience.
  5. Serenade her. One of the most romantic gestures a man can do for a woman is to serenade her in public. This can be one of the ways to do this. Show her that you can express your love for her in public and she will feel special. Make sure you can carry a decent note.
  6. Say how much you love her. Sometimes, the simplest thing a man can forget to do is to tell her how much he loves her. Make it a point to say “I love you” as often as you can. Say it when you wake up and before you sleep either personally, by phone, or by text messages.

There are thousands of other ways you can make her feel loved. The best ways is usually doing things your girlfriend likes or the recreating the things you did when you first courted her. In any case, remember to make everything about her. She will definitely notice and love you more for it.


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