How To Make Your Girlfriend Happy

Maintaining a romantic relationship can be a lot of work. For men, they have to constantly make their girlfriends happy and loved to ensure that they do not fall out of love. A happy and well-loved girlfriend will translate to a better romantic life for the both of you. Making your girlfriend happy can range from simple to complex and outright costly. Nevertheless, what you do is not as important as the thought behind it. If your girlfriend values your thoughtfulness over the action, then she is definitely worth hanging on to.

  1. Focus on her. The simplest thing you can do to make your woman happy is through genuinely listening and noticing her. Listen to what she says and notice what she does. Compliment her on the little things. This will give her the impression that you care about her. Women are sensitive. So, if she gets a new hairdo, make sure to notice it and compliment her on it. She probably got that new hair style for you as well.
  2. Get her flowers. Go to your local or online flower shop and order a bouquet to be delivered to her at an unexpected time. This should provide an unpleasant surprise especially if you have not sent her flowers in awhile.
  3. Treat her. Bring her to a beauty parlor or spa. Treat her to a massage and a beauty treatment. Make sure to stay and wait for her. If possible, join her for a couple’s experience.
  4. Date her. Take her out to a good dinner at her favorite places. Top it off with a romantic movie or a walk. Bring her to places you frequented when you started going out.
  5. Take her on a trip. Arrange a romantic weekend getaway where it is only the two of you. Wine, dine, and romance the hell out of her. Remember to go to a place she will appreciate.
  6. Buy her stuff. Some girls can be high maintenance and materialistic. Buy her the newest and trendiest stuff out in the market. Whether it is jewelry, gadgets, or shoes, buy the best for her. It should make her feel loved and special. If your girl is into technology, buy her a new laptop or the new iPhone. Materials can provide short happiness but it is happiness all the same.
  7. Spend more time with her. Most of the time girls can feel neglected because you spend more time on other things than with her. Take a day off from work or your friends and spend some quality time with her. The day with her does not have to be fancy. The important thing is that you are hers for that period of time. Be intimate and romantic during your day together.
  8. Make sex a two way street. A lot of the time, men can neglect their partners in bed. They focus more on their own satisfaction more. Sex and intimacy is a two way street. Make sure to satisfy her. In fact, you should live to satisfy her. Do not worry, your girl will surely return the favor.

Girls can be easy to please. If you are a more complex and romantic individual, you may even want to step it up and make the effort with more extravagant expressions of love just to make your girl happy. It is entirely up to you. Keep in mind that for most women, it is the thought that really counts.


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