How To Make Your Husband Happy

Keeping your husband happy can be a lifelong commitment. From uneasy baby steps when you are just starting a life together, in time you will be an expert in anticipating your husband’s needs and responding to non-verbal body language that may even surprise you and your husband.

A happy husband is a happy provider. When he is happy and content with his home life, he will strive to maintain that happiness for the good of his family. Here are some tips on how to do that.

  1. Maintain a calm and well-run household. Learn to manage the house well, including caring for the kids, Teach your kids to be well-mannered, intelligent and smart, polite and honest, caring and giving. This reflects heavily on you and your husband. He will be delighted when his kids are praised for their good behavior.
  2. Learn how to budget. Knowing how to budget the family’s household allowance with satisfy your husband and trust you to handle your finances without worry.
  3. Prepare his favorite meals. It will make your husband feel comfortable and eager to get home in time to share a good meal with you and your kids. Preparing his favorite meals shows that you think of him and his welfare all the time.
  4. Serve meals on time and keep it warm. It stresses your husband when he has to wait for the meal to be served. He wants to eat and have enough time to rest and spend some quality time with you and the kids afterwards.
  5. Respect his family and friends. It will greatly please your husband if you appreciate his family and friends. Take every opportunity to learn more about his family and try to get closer to them. Praise your husband in front of them and brag about his achievements and accomplishments. Get to know his friends and never bad mouth them in front of him. Openly discuss with him if you notice some flaw in his friends’ character and state them as a fact and wait for his comments.
  6. Welcome him warmly every evening after work. Allow him to relax in the comfort of your bedroom and have a few moments to himself. Share with him some good news that may have happened and reserved the bad news after he had taken his meal and rested for a while.
  7. Talk to him in a calm manner even if there is something that is bothering you. Wait for the right time and let him know that you want to discuss something with him and appreciate hearing his opinion about the problem.
  8. Be his cheerleader and great rah-rah girl. Provide words of encouragement and support when he is down. Be delighted and celebrate with him when he has achieved his goals. Take interest in what he does and learn as much as you can about his work be willing to discuss his work intelligently. Ask questions and provide some options and ideas that may help him at work.

Get to know your husband better so you will know how to respond to his needs better. Be spontaneous and surprise him once in a while. Be his great supporter and comforter and he will be very happy husband.


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