How To Make Your Husband Happy in Bed

Every good and healthy marriage needs to have an active sex life. After all, sex allows you and your husband to reconnect on a physical level and to establish a deeper level of intimacy. Although your sex life is more active at the start of the relationship, over time, other priorities take precedence leaving sex in the back burner.

If you want to maintain a good relationship with your hubby, it’s important that you make sex a priority in your life. One way to do it is to ensure that your husband is happy in the marital bed.

  • Say yes when he asks for it. Avoid denying your husband if you can. It may be difficult to get in the mood after attending to your chores, career and children, but you need to still be available for some fun at the end of the day. It doesn’t mean that you say yes and lie there just to get it over with. It does mean that you need to take measures so that you can be in the mood at nighttime. Let him help you with the evening chores and kids, so you can have some time to prepare yourself when the time is right.
  • Be the one to initiate it sometimes. Don’t always wait for him to ask. Be the one to initiate the seduction. It’s exciting for a man to feel wanted and desired, especially in bed. Be the one to send out the signals. Initiate foreplay with kisses and a massage. If your husbands knows you want to get some, chances are, he’ll turn off the TV and get it on with you instead!
  • Be spontaneous. Sex is supposed to be fun and not a chore. Have fun with it! One of the ways to have great sex with your husband is to be spontaneous. This means changing up your routine. Make love in the early morning hours instead of at the end of the day. Have sex in the shower when you’re getting ready in the morning. Change rooms. Do it standing up. Get books or watch porn to get ideas. Watch movies and try something out that you see on film.
  • Live out a fantasy. Does your man get turned on the by sexy librarian turned vixen in bed? Does he like role playing or getting tied up? Try it out! If you are in a safe and loving relationship, there’s nothing to fear from living out some fantasies occasionally. You can even live out a few of your own. Be Jane to his Tarzan.
  • Tell him he’s great in bed. Stroke his ego and tell him he’s your best lover. If you compliment his love making skills, your man will certainly be pleased. If you really enjoyed something, let him know so he’ll do it again. Best of all, he’ll try to do more things to top himself off.

If you have a healthy and loving sex life, your husband will not only be satisfied in bed, but you’ll also have a better connection with your spouse. You wouldn’t want him to go knocking on someone else’s door would you? Sex is part of intimacy, so go ahead and have fun. If you make the effort to please your husband in bed, he’ll more than reciprocate the action.


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