How To Put Your Husband in a Great Mood after Work

Your husband spends long hours tied to an office desk for long hours. There are times when his day does not go according to plan and it can upset and dampen his mood for the rest of the day. By the time he reaches home, he may either be surly or silent. Learn to identify his state of mind by looking at him and responding accordingly. You need to ease your husband’s mind and keep him in a good mood for the rest of the evening.

The situation at home will greatly affect how your husband feels. Either it relaxes him or aggravates his sour mood. Here are some steps that can help you make your husband feel great after a bad day in the office.

  1. Make sure that the house is clean and tidy. A clean, warm home ensures your husband that your home is his refuge where he can relax and find peace and receive love and lots of attention. Pick up and store scattered toys.
  2. Prepare dinner early and keep it warm, ready to be served as soon as everyone is gathered to eat. It will aggravate your husband further if you start dinner preparation just after he arrived home, meaning that he has to wait for dinner somewhere between 45 minutes to an hour.
  3. Help him while he changes his clothes and get him to talk if he is so inclined. Inquired about his day and commiserate with what happened. Keep the conversation light and flowing. Share some funny things that happened during the day to keep his mind off the problems at work.
  4. Encourage him to relax while you get the dinner ready and offer him the evening papers or magazine.
  5. Ask your children to be quiet and not put too many demands on their dad as he had a bad day. Encourage your kids to show their brand of support by giving him hugs and kisses. These will surely lift his mood. Unconditional love and support from children is a wonderful panacea.
  6. Prepare after dinner drinks and have out in the porch or the garden. Keep the banter light and enjoy each other’s company. Let him know that you support him, give him words of encouragement and touch him affectionately. Cuddle up to him and provide silent support. Let him feel your warmth and your love.
  7. Have a warm luxurious bath together and allow the tension to leave his body. Encourage him to talk so the can release some pent-up emotions. You do not need to make comments or give an answer all the time. Just be willing to listen while he talks, give the necessary comments and let him feel your presence. At moments like this, you are his pillar of strength.
  8. Change into sexy lingerie as you prepare for bed. Give him a foot, shoulder and back or a full body massage with scented oils to make him completely relaxed. Some good loving will greatly help.

Pamper your husband from the moment he enters the house until he goes to bed to keep him in a great mood after a hard day at work. Make your home a wonderful place where he can receive much love and comfort.


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