How To Make Your Love Stronger

Falling in love and getting married. For some people it ends right there. Other couples spend their life trying to please each other and expressing their love everyday. A happy marriage is a strong marriage. Trust and respect, open communication and the earnest commitment to make the marriage work and last should be present to strengthen the ties that bind a couple together.

There are several ideas to keep your love strong and resilient. Getting to know your spouse better is the key. Every individual is different and responds to stimuli in a variety of ways. Here are some ideas that will help you make your love stronger.

  1. Strive to maintain your individuality. Do not try to mold your spouse to what you think is the ideal mate. You married him because you found qualities that endeared him to you and which you found exciting. He should do likewise.
  2. Give each other some breathing space once in a while. They say that absence makes the heart grow fonder. You do not have to go to that extent but give your spouse some time to be by himself. He needs it to recharge and recover from the demands at work and at home. Allow him some time to spend with close friends.
  3. Go back in time when you were just dating and try to create that wonderful feeling by visiting old jaunts, eating foods that you used to enjoy and reliving the times when you have less cares and worries.
  4. Surprise each other with little gifts. Give your husband a bouquet of flowers. Learn new recipes that you know he particularly like and surprise him one night with it. Dress up and create a romantic atmosphere, with wine and candle lights on a table set for two. Play romantic music and dance together.
  5. Take an unplanned overnight trip together and watch the sunrise while sipping some coffee.
  6. Be patient and understanding and always support each other, Patience and understanding should be without undue stress and guilt. You should know the difference between being understanding and patient and being abused and suffering quietly.
  7. Enroll in a weekend skills course where you can learn together. Strive to do some activities in and out of the home together. Cook a meal together, do some minor repairs and household chores together. Make each activity a fun one.
  8. Discuss the issue of money. Money is usually one of the major causes of family problems and the break up of marriage. Discuss how your money should be spent. There should be mutual agreement on major purchases and then you can assign which payments should be paid by whom. Talk to each other and openly discuss how important money is to each of you. Thinking long-term, decide how you are going to save.

You do not have to spend too much to keep your love strong. It is your mutual understanding and how you respond to each other that will keep your love alive.


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