How To Make Your Marriage Fun and Exciting

It takes planning and conscious effort on your part to maintain a happy marriage. Each partner should do their share to make the marriage as fun and as exciting as possible. Sometimes, couples that have been married for a number of years develop complacency and take the marriage for granted. They are together but the spark is no longer there. If you find yourself in this situation, below are some tips to make rekindle your passion and make your marriage more fun and exciting.

  1. Take care of your appearance. Visit the beauty salon or a spa and get some much needed pampering and perking up session. Get a manicure and pedicure, trim and style your hair and invest on new make up. Dress up for your man and wait for him to come home and welcome his with the big hug and a warm kiss. This may surprise him but let him know that you dressed up with him in mind. Wear a favorite dress or one that looks really good on your, in flattering colors that will enhance your figure and your natural beauty.
  2. Exude some sexiness and vamp with the way you smile and touch him and let him anticipate what is in store for the rest of the evening. Be ready and wear attractive and sexy underwear.
  3. Initiate physical contact whenever you can. Touch each other’s face as you greet each other good morning. Hold hands while you sit together enjoying a cup of tea, coffee or wine. Sit close together while watching television. Touch your spouse frequently. Run your hand slowly down his arm. Caress his thighs as you sit close together, lean your head on his shoulder and plant several kisses along his jawline and neck. Let him know that you enjoy touching him and invite him to do the same. These small gestures can lead to greater anticipation for more intimacy later in the bedroom.
  4. Give each other massages with scented oils. Create the proper ambience by lighting the room with scented candles. Put on your favorite fragrance and spray some on the lamps on your night stand. Wear sexy lingerie as you give your husband a massage. Get yourselves in the mood for some great lovemaking later.
  5. Listen to what your partner is saying. He may be mulling on whether to buy a new gadget, a new watch, belt, book or whatever. Take the hint and purchase the item and present it to him as a no-occasion gift.
  6. Keep your communication open and constant. Leave your spouse a love note or words of endearment and thanks. Pin it on the pillow, stuck it on the mirror or beside a cup of your spouse’s favorite drink. Make some notes of admiration and use them as bookmark in the book that your spouse is currently reading. Be witty, sexy and naughty with your notes.
  7. Make it a point to spend time together. Go on weekend trips to places that you used to visit or plan to visit. Turn it into mini-honeymoon trips. Do activities together and find new things that you both can enjoy.
  8. Keep the house clean and well maintained. Take care of the kids and strive to have a calm and peaceful household.
  9. Go on out-of-the-ordinary dates. Instead of the usual dinner and movie, why not go to the zoo, a museum, a theme park where you can enjoy the rides. Be daring and do things that you have never done before and go to places that are not labeled as dating places.

There are a lot of creative ideas that you can use to make your marriage more fun and exciting. The main factor is that the two of you should enjoy and benefit from these activities.


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