How To Make Your Marriage Last

Marriage is the union of two individuals who are deeply in love. The ceremony is solemnized by a priest if it is a religious wedding or by a judge or lawyer if it is civil wedding. Some couples live together without the ceremonies from a priest or a judge. The only thing binding them together is their great love for each other. So we can conclude that the most important ingredient in the union is love.

If love is gone, marriage can't last. Or if it does, it becomes only a formality and a requirement in order to follow the marriage contract. If they have children, the husband and wife do not want to hurt them so they stay together, pretending to be in love. To make a genuine marriage last, follow these tips:

  • Do not be hasty in being together. Personally recognize your spouse and his family. There is no trial-and-error in marriage.
  • Discuss how you will run your household; how many children you will have; whether you will open a joint account for the family and have your individual personal accounts, especially if both are working.
  • Be open with your spouse. Trying to keep a secret once will lead to many times. Be open with one another, be it about financial, emotional or sexual issues.
  • If you belong to different religions, discuss this earlier in your marriage and have an agreement to worship both. Decide to whose religion the children will be baptized. Be honest with each other.
  • Plan your goals and your dreams with your family.
  • Do not engage in heated arguments when settling issues. Talk about the issues, not the personality of your spouse. Never include in-laws as problems.
  • Respect your spouse. Be a good listener when discussing or arguing about something.
  • Learn to love the likes and dislikes of your spouse. Do not engage in the silent treatment.
  • Go out for a date once in a while. Don't forget the hugs and kisses. It stimulates the sparks in a person's heart.
  • When illness surfaces, be at the side of your spouse. Remember your pledge: "in sickness and in health, till death do us part".
  • Attack problems together. You can conquer any problem if you are together.
  • Be the best of friends. You will understand each other's feelings.
  • Spend time together on a task that you both like.
  • Treat minor arguments as a spice to give added sparks to your love.
  • Never allow your spouse to sleep in a different bed, even if the bed is in the same room.

Marriage is comparable to flying a kite. If the wind is weak, you have to tighten the rope; if the wind gets stronger, you have to loosen the rope for the kite to fly high. However, be alert when the wind changes its force - your kite may plunge and may not be recovered because of its distance. Marriage is the concern of both husband and wife - utmost attention is required for it to last forever.


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