How To Make Your Married Life Happier

Marriage is a day-to-day relationship that is affected by changing human behaviors and outside forces. There are very few things in life more worthy of being saved than a beautiful husband and wife partnership. Check out the tips below.

  1. Keep it realistic and do not expect too much or too little from each other.  Communicate your needs and expectations from your partner and your marriage. Consequently, keep this line of communication open all the time.
  2. Do not hesitate to say something nice to each other. Give your partner a compliment for being considerate, for being helpful around the house, on how good your partner looks and so on.
  3. Share in the housework. Not only will you be able to finish the chores faster, the camaraderie and rapport you will build will keep your relationship closer and stronger. This is a solid foundation that you can teach your children.
  4. Show affection towards each other. Hold hands, touch and kiss, even in public. You do not have to be overly demonstrative but little gestures show your spouse that you care for and cherish being with him.
  5. While you are jointly responsible for your children, do not make it an excuse to set aside your loyalty and responsibility for your mate.
  6. Do not let in-laws spoil your relationship with your spouse, Build a good relationship with them but do not allow them to take control and spoil what you have with your spouse when frictions arise.
  7. Grow together and openly discuss shared goals and intellectual expectations from each other. Strive to maintain the same intellectual level.
  8. Fight if you must and then forget. Discuss things openly, seek solutions and learn to compromise. Do not let a small conflict escalate to a point when you cannot control it. Do not go to bed angry at each other. Resolve a conflict quickly and always make up afterwards.
  9. Do not confuse honesty with cruelty. Using honesty as an excuse to hurt your spouse has no place in a good marriage. Learn to protect and value each other’s feelings.
  10. Be open about your finances. Set realistic expectations about money and work towards shared financial goals.
  11. Do not let your individual careers rule your life and separate you. Do not allow your individual careers to occupy too much of your time and leave you with so little to spend together as a couple.
  12. Do things together. Work and play together. Give each other enough independence, too, so as not to loose your individuality.
  13. Establish sexual communication. Talk, explore, experiment and enjoy a healthy, sexual life and learn to protect each other’s feelings.
  14. Be considerate. Each one of you has individual flaws and inhibitions. Do not let little things irritate you. Nothing drastic will happen if your spouse forgets to put the cap back on a tube of toothpaste. Do not nag your spouse about such a mundane thing. Just do it yourself.

Be positive and keep the relationship upbeat. A strong and happy marriage stems from your efforts as a couple. Turn some problems into opportunities for a greater understanding of your mate.


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