How To Make Your Own Homecoming Sash

A homecoming sash is a special garment for a very special homecoming event. With its unique purpose to the wearer, it is necessary that it is made to be very special. However, this does not mean that it must always be created by professionals. With a good guide, you can come up with a homecoming sash that is at par with the professionally made ones.

Though it will be easy to request a professional to make your very own sash, this will turn out to be expensive. Hence, it is a better and more affordable option to do the project yourself. This is not to mention yet that doing this project by your own can open ways to unique customization of the sash. To guide you into creating your own sash, take a look at these easy steps:

  • Choose a good fabric. The best kind of fabric to be used for a homecoming sash is the high luster one. This can be a choice of either polyester or satin. These fabrics can handle the heat of an iron for lettering.
  • Prepare the fabric. Before starting the project, make sure it is clean. Therefore, wash it carefully first.
  • Cut two panels for the sash. Get one and a half yards of your preferred sash fabric. Spread it on any flat surface and divide the fabric into two. The exact measurement must be 7 by 36 inches.
  • Sew the panels. The purpose of sewing together the two different sash panels is for you to come up with a long piece. Mark half an inch of seam on one end of each of the panels. Pin the seams together and start to sew them together using a back stitch. Before doing this, make sure that you are sewing the right side surface of both panels.
  • Fold the homecoming sash. Make a lengthwise fold of the sash in two similar parts. Sew half an inch of seam throughout all edges of the sash. However, leave around 6 inches of open seam.
  • Pull the sash's right side. From the 6 inches of open seam, use a pencil of a turning tool and pull the fabric so that its right side will be exposed. Once done, stitch the open seam with a slip stitch.
  • Position the letters. Purchase iron-on letters to make the sash-making an easier job for you. Make sure that you position the letters well enough so use a good ruler to line all the letters. Fuse the letters onto the sash as per the direction provided by the manufacturer.
  • Add a ribbon. You may opt to add a satin ribbon to finish off your homecoming sash. Grab one-half or one-fourth inch of satin ribbon and attach it to one end of the sash. Make sure to use a satin ribbon with a color that complements the color of the homecoming sash.

Finishing this kind of homecoming sash project will make you ready for any kind of activity that is waiting for you. If you make sure that these steps are followed closely, your homecoming sash project will be comparable to those made by professionals. Plus, you have come up with a cheap and unique sash for yourself.


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