How To Make Your Wife Feel Loved

It’s usually obvious whether a woman is feeling loved by her husband or not. Like a plant, a well-loved wife will flourish and be beautiful, while a neglected wife will be the exact opposite. Do yourself a favor and make it your priority to make your wife feel loved. Here are some of the ways how:

  1. Resolve to love your wife to the best of your ability. How you feel towards your wife will be the starting point of how you treat her. Something to remember: love is not just a feeling; it is a verb. Admittedly, there will be some days when it may be hard to love your wife; but in the same way that you get up in the morning or you brush your teeth even if you don’t feel like it, loving your wife is something that you have to do for your own good, even if it can be a little bit trying.
  2. Reexamine your definition of love within marriage. Let’s start with the assumption that marriage is meant to last forever. That being said, the brand of love that you should give your wife should not be dependent on the circumstances, your feelings, or the way she looks. Forgive her for all her mistakes. Respect her opinions, and never take her for granted.
  3. Know woman’s psychology. Every woman has a specific idea of being loved, and it’s your job as a husband to know just what would make your wife happy (see number 4). But do know some general ways that you could make a woman feel loved. Some of these include the following: make her feel appreciated and needed; go out of your way to fulfill some of her most romantic, heartfelt desires; tell her everyday how beautiful and sexy she is. Treat a woman like a rose: shower her with attention and admiration and you’d be surprised to see how beautifully she will bloom.
  4. Know your wife’s specific love language. Everybody has a specific way of showing love and feeling love. Generally, the ways to show/ give love are categorized into the following: through words, through gifts, through spending time, through touch, and through service. Take time to find out which of these “love languages” your wife appreciates the most, and how you could best address your wife’s love language based on her personal preferences.
  5. Pay attention to her. This is in connection with number 4. To know more about what your wife likes and appreciates, you really have to pay attention to what she says or does. If you’re watching a movie together, for example, does she gush about how the main character in the movie gives a public declaration of love to the lady he’s wooing? When you walk in the mall, what items does she admire the most? Act like a detective, and create a clearer picture of your wife through the small things she says and does everyday. Plus if you know how to please her without her having to tell you how is extra points: you yourself will be so happy at the joy she would feel when she finds out you got her that aquamarine scarf she’s been eyeing, even if she never actually told you about it.
  6. Make her opinions and feelings your utmost priority. Let her feel that what she thinks and feels is more important to you than what any other human being in the world thinks and feels. Show utmost respect for your wife, and value each moment you spend together, and think of yourself as the luckiest man in the world that it’s you she’s spending her precious time with.
  7. Tell her you love her, every single day. Sometimes it’s the words that matter most. Never think that your wife already knows that you love her anyway, so telling her is unnecessary. Women need affirmation constantly, so be creative in actually saying the words, “I love you,” to her.

There you have it! These are just some tips to make your wife feel loved. Good luck!


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