How To Make Your Wife Feel Special

Want to be a happier husband? Start by making your wife feel special. The more special your wife feels, the more effort she in turn will exert to please you. Making your wife feel special will definitely call for extra effort from you, but don’t you think a more joyful and fulfilling marriage is worth it? So if you’re looking for ways to make your wife feel special, here are some tips: 

  1. Make it a point to show that she’s the most beautiful woman in the world for you. Physical insecurity is one of the major insecurities among women, and they have a tendency to feel threatened whenever they feel that they’re physically inferior to another woman that their husbands come across with, at work, for example. By constantly assuring your wife how beautiful you think she is, you’d be able to address this problem at its root. Avoid ever mentioning how beautiful you think another woman is, and never, ever, ever compare your wife with another woman physically.
  2. Know her particular “love language”. There are five general categories that people naturally show or receive love: through time, touch, service, gifts and words. Find out which of these love languages your wife appreciates the most (for example, what does she seem to like more: a lavish gift, or time you spend together?). By knowing which form of love language your wife prefers, you’d be able to address her needs in a more direct and effective way.
  3. Go out of your way to cater to her desires. Many women inwardly wonder if they are worth loving. Make your wife feel valued and secure by going out of your way to give her what she wants. During special occasions, don’t just buy her a box of chocolates from a grocery on the way home from work; set up an elaborate plan that will surprise her and sweep her off her feet.
  4. Take note of what she likes and then surprise her with them. It’s good if a man gives his wife a gift of something she specifically asks for; it’s doubly great if you’re able to give her exactly what she wanted even if she never told you about it. Be a detective and take the effort to note down those little things she says while you’re having dinner or walking in the mall. She’d be able to appreciate the fact that you’re really listening to every word that she says.
  5. Set up special dates for you. Even if you’ve been married for some time and have some children together, don’t allow the spark in your marriage to fade away. Hire a babysitter and don’t be afraid to act like two giddy teenagers on your first date. Make sure that you make all the arrangements so your wife doesn’t have to worry about anything.
  6. Compliment her all the time, in private and in front of others. Assure your wife  with words how great you think she is, in all aspects – how she looks, how she is as a mother, how she is as a career woman, etc. Make sure to declare this even during public conversations with your friends.
  7. Think of small, simple ways that you could tell her how much you love her and how  you think about her every moment. The key to letting your wife feel special is being consistent about it. Leave her little notes, make a poem for her, and give her a call. She’d be assured that you’re thinking about her all the time.
  8. Cite her opinions or her experiences during conversations with friends. When you and your wife are discussing issues with your friends, make sure to share your wife’s opinions to strengthen your side (for example, “As my wife says, and to which I totally agree…”). This will help her feel that you are not only listening to what she’s saying, but you’re holding her opinions in very high regard.
  9. Have a private look or code that only the two of you share. By having a secret code, you two will strengthen the bond that only the two of you share.

There you have it! These are just some of the ways to make your wife feel special. Remember, the more special your wife feels, the more secure your marriage will surely become! Good luck!


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