How To Make Your Wife Feel Special Everyday

It’s Valentine’s month, and if you’re married you might be planning something special to sweep your wife off your feet. But do remember that no matter how matter how elaborate you plan that special day to be, what’s even more important are the little acts that you do everyday to show her that you love her. So if you’re looking to find out how to make your wife feel special everyday – good for you, wanting to find out is the first step! Here’s what you can do next:

  1. Tell her you love her every single day. This could be the single most important thing you should do as a husband. Don’t take it for granted that your wife already knows you love her anyway. In the same way that a flower needs to be watered daily, so should you remind your wife (and maybe even yourself) that you love her, through concrete words. You could write romantic poems for her on post-it notes, call her up in the middle of the day and tell her how much you miss her, snuggle up behind her while she’s cooking breakfast and whisper in her ear your affection… the list goes on.
  2. Show her how much you value her. One of the single biggest needs that woman have is to feel that she is cherished. Address this need by prioritizing your wife’s feelings and opinions above your boss’, your friends’, or anybody else’s.
  3. Have a crush on her and show it. Your wife might be aware that you care for her, but does she know that you have a crush on her? Seek to find specific reasons everyday why you’re crazy about her, and then tell her about it. Always
  4. Pay attention to everything she says. Sadly, it’s pretty common among husbands to tune out whenever their wife talks about something. But if you really want to cultivate a happy relationship with your wife, listening to her and really paying attention to her are highly essential. Be active in listening; pretend you’re a detective with the ultimate mission of knowing more about your wife. And don’t miss any opportunity to show her just how much you paid attention. For example, did she mention in passing how she needs a new scarf? And didn’t you hear her the other day raving about a particular shade of blue? Put these bits of info together and give her a new scarf in that exact shade of blue she wanted. Plus points because she never had to actually tell you to.
  5. Give her compliments. Another one of a woman’s needs is to receive compliments. Compliment her on every aspect – how she looks, how great she is in cooking, how great she is raising your kids, etc. Women love to know that their efforts are being recognized, and what’s better is if you compliment her in front of many people.
  6. Have a special time with her every day. Set a specific time everyday when you’d be spending time just with one another. It could be as short as 30 minutes, and make it your utmost priority to keep this meeting. Make it a rule never to discuss problems and never to argue during your special time. Whatever the circumstances are that you are facing, make this time the opportunity to reconnect with one another and know how each other is really feeling.
  7. Be a gentleman around her. Most, if not all, women are secretly longing to be treated like a princess. Prepare breakfast for her in bed, do chores for her, make her feel warm and protected all over.

There you have it! These are just some of the ways to make your wife feel special everyday. Do this consistently and you just might be surprised at how much your relationship will bloom. Good luck!


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