How To Make Your Wife Love Sex

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Sex is obviously one of the most important components of a marriage, and efforts should be undertaken to keep the passion burning even after the honeymoon is long over. Here are some tips to help make your wife love to have sex with you: 

  1. Be consistently romantic with your wife. As the husband, you have most of the responsibility to keep your relationship’s fire burning. Take the effort to treat your wife like the princess that she is, through simple gestures such as helping her with chores when you can, giving her nice presents now and then, and really listening to her and caring about her opinions and feelings. Make her your number one priority – over your work, your bosses, your friends. Be surprised that, as you exert more and more effort towards your relationship, you’d grow to value your wife more and more too. Plus, if you are consistent about your efforts, you’d be surprised at how she will also return all your affections. Remember this: a woman values a man who showers her with love and attention. Once your wife knows just how much you love her, your acts of romance will just naturally culminate in more love-filled sex.
  2. Let her feel 100% secure in your relationship. Another thing that women look for in a relationship is security. Let her realize every single day that there’s just no other woman for you. Keep on having a “crush” with your wife. Brag about her to your friends (whether or not she’s around). Remember this: whether a woman blooms or withers in a relationship this depends on how she’s being treated by her man.
  3. Let her know that she’s the most beautiful woman in the world for you. Here’s a secret, guys: if a woman feels good about the way she looks, it’s going to positively affect how she relates with other people – and that includes you. If she’s absolutely confident about the way she looks, she’d be less restrained and more desiring and “all out” to please you. You’d be surprised.
  4. Make some preparations. Have a talk with your wife and ask her about her ideal lovemaking scenario. Then, surprise her one day with this actual scenario she described. This heart-melting act will definitely translate into more tender, passionate lovemaking than you probably ever thought possible.
  5. Be clean and smell good. This might be “duh” advice but some men just need to be reminded about this. Don’t come home drunk and messed-up one day and expect your wife to jump at the chance of having sex with you. If you respect your wife enough, take the effort to smell nice and be clean before you take her in your arms all night long. This way, your wife can concentrate more on pleasing you and not have to be repelled at smelling you.
  6. Take note of her preferences. Does your wife get in the mood when she’s bored? Does your wife love to have sex in the shower? Does romantic music get her in the mood? Take note of all this and act accordingly. But here’s one thing you should never, ever do: force your wife to have sex when she doesn’t want to, or get mad at her when she’s not in the mood. That’s a mood- (and even a marriage-) killer if ever there was one.

Just remember this: sex doesn’t make a marriage great (or at least it hardly ever does), but a great marriage makes for great sex. Good luck!


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