How To Make Yourself into Boyfriend Material

Are you in a dilemma? Are you surrounded by beautiful women but go home alone without a girlfriend? Are you always passed over by women even if you are three times more good looking than the other guy. You might have a rare condition that affects men today. This condition is called frienditis.

Friendtitis occurs when a guy is unfairly labeled as just a friend. When this happens, you are almost permanently placed in the friend zone never to come out again. This condition can be fatal to your sex life if not dealt with accordingly.

Follow this simple guide and you would soon get out of the awkward position of being just a friend. You can now act upon your wishes and become the boyfriend you know you can be. Become a boyfriend today and get laid.

  1. Do you have frienditis? Look for the symptoms that you really are in trouble. Are all of your friends women or do you just have a few? Check if these women are friends with you because they like you romantically. If that is the case, then you just might be in a better position than you think. It is good to have a few women friends because you can always ask them what you can give your girlfriend for your anniversary.  But if you are sure that you are viewed solely as a friend, then proceed to the next step.
  2. Change your body language. Now that we have established that you are suffering from frienditis, you have to work on curbing its effects. The main reason certain guys have trouble snagging girlfriends is because they don't exude "boyfriend material" in their body language. Spread out your shoulders and put your feet wide apart. Also, puff out your chest to signify you are a dominant man. It may sound like something from the animal planet, but body language is over 90% of how we communicate.
  3. Change the way you think. On of the main differences between a boyfriend and "just a friend" is the way he thinks. A platonic friend rarely thinks about sex when he is with his friend. A boyfriend however is consumed by it. Use your imagination and undress her with your mind. Think about her naked and what else you would like to do to her when she is in that condition.
  4. Ask her on a date. Friends go out on dates all the time. What they do on dates is what differentiates them from boyfriend-girlfriend relationships. A friend would eat and joke around on a date but a boyfriend will try to generate romantic and sexual tendencies. Start by pulling out her chair for her. Do some light touching on the arm and continue eye contact. If it looks like she is not reciprocating the feelings, you can always pass it off as a joke. Do it again the next time you are out with her and joke around about you and her being an item. If she thinks about it, then you have just planted the seed.

Once the seed of thought is planted in her mind, you will be on your way to becoming a boyfriend. Now if she still refuses to think of you that way, then maybe she is just too fond of you as a friend.  You can also consider the possibility that you might actually be a slob that no girl would like.


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