How To Manage Living with a Difficult Husband

Marriage is one of the most complicated relationships, but is also one of the most fulfilling. Couples go into marriage thinking that it is as easy as having a boyfriend - girlfriend relationship. Most couples also think that marriage will somehow change the other for the better. Well, change will have to be a decision that an individual makes. So when you are a wife with a difficult husband, and are now wondering what you ever saw in him, what do you do?

  1. Stop nagging. Nagging is the most common complaints of husbands, and it can be safely assumed that this problem exists in any country in the world. It is simply the nature of women to "discuss" their rants openly, and the husbands see this as nagging. Caring wives give their husbands advise and suggestions, and it is also interpreted as nagging. Men want respect, and for them, when their wives point out their mistakes and suggest a solution, they feel that they are not being respected. The wives should realize how men value respect - that you, as a wife, believe in him and his abilities, and that you never insult him, especially in front of others.
  2. Be more positive. It is normal for women to feel bad when they are not appreciated as much as they have been when they were still dating. But there may be some reasons for the husband to be neglectful - it may be work, or problems with finances, or maybe a health concern. It is best for you, as a wife, to be more positive in your outlook and not become critical of your husband. Express more love and support by leaving encouraging notes to your husband. A simple hug can make a big difference. Make his favorite meal and dessert even if there is no special occasion. There are a lot of ways to keep a positive air in the relationship.
  3. Engage in productive projects together. Husband and wife are supposed to be partners, a team. Most of the time, husband and wife have such separate worlds that they eventually become distant, and the more difficult it is for them to connect. Have something to work on together, aside from raising the family, like a gardening project, or a small business - something that strikes a common chord. Sometimes, difficult husbands only need a "breath of fresh air" to be able to loosen up and be their "old selves" again. 
  4. Feel good about yourself. Difficult husbands can really get their wives emotionally down, so it is important for you, wives, to have a way to feel good about yourselves. An occasional "girls day out" is good for you to get some emotional support from your friends. Taking time out for a makeover can be a good boost to your self-esteem. When husbands notice how positive their wives are, it changes them somehow, and they treat their wives better. Remember, you need to start feeling good about yourself before anybody else feels will feel good about you.


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