How To Manipulate Men

Manipulating men is possible if you know what you’re doing. Women can manipulate men in several ways. Though it might seem unfair, all’s fair in love and war. If you play your cards right, even you can get a man to do your bidding. Here’s how to manipulate men:

  1. Play hard to get. Don’t go out of your way to seem too available or too interested, especially when entering into a new relationship. Make the man chase after you; this will make him want you more. If you seem too available, he’ll think that he does not need to work hard to keep you.
  2. Flatter him. Stroke the man’s ego by complimenting him. This works especially well when combined with playing hard to get, because it can make the man confused. These compliments will entice him to offer you compliments or other niceties.
  3. Bribery. This is a straightforward step to manipulating any man. Offer him something he wants, but do not give it to him until you get what you want first. This classic tactic to manipulate men will ensure that you get what you want every time.
  4. Make him jealous. Don’t stop flirting with other men. If he thinks other men are after you, he’ll work harder to keep you. Competition will make him bend over backwards trying to please you. If he believes that the relationship is secure, he will stop trying so hard to please you.
  5. Play dumb. Play into stereotypes of women being weak or in need of assistance from men. He will carry your bags, change your tire, or do anything else that is a “manly” job if he believes that you cannot handle it. Even if he knows that you are capable of handling it, men like to think that they are needed, and he will be glad to do it for you.
  6. Use tears. Most men will do anything to stop a woman from crying. Little sobs will get him to do anything, but don’t go overboard or he will think you are too high maintenance.

Though this is a generalization, there is definitely some truth to it. Most men would be shocked to realize just how much women manipulate them, but for the most part, they seem to be completely blind to these tactics of manipulation. When trying to manipulate men, do not fall back on the old strategy of whining; most men will just tune you out.


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