How To Meet a Great Woman on Online Dating Sites

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There’s this American romantic movie from 1998 starring Shopgirl and NY152 a.k.a. Kathleen Kelly and Joe Fox a.k.a. Meg Ryan and Tom Hanks that became so loved that it carries on until this day. The movie, You’ve Got Mail, is about a man and a woman who get on okay in the virtual world but are actually competitors outside of their online relationship. They go through numerous conflicts until they discover in the end that they love each other.

That movie may very well be a crystal clear explanation of online dating. Whatever the name of the dating site you’re on: Craigslist,,,, and, the bottom line is it’s murky, shady, and often unreal. There’s nothing more complicated than trying to figure a woman out on the worldwide web. You know for a fact that getting to know a woman through dating already poses many challenges not for the faint of heart so why risk it online? Maybe you’re one of those shy types? Have you grown weary of going out looking for women or getting set up for blind dates?

Well, whatever your reason, and despite some complications, you can find a great woman (it is possible!) on an online dating site if you know where to look.

Here’s how.

  1. Sign up on the dating site. Once you’ve chosen the site that you feel would be most beneficial to your search, go ahead and sign up. You will be asked to fill out the fields necessary for you to be listed on the site as a Searcher/Searchee. You will also be asked to upload a picture. Now be very straight with your information and upload your latest picture, most preferably the one that has you smiling and looking great. You have to face the fact that you will be judged on your looks so while uploading your best profile photo, you absolutely have to keep it real. You might potentially meet a great girl online. If she meets you and you aren’t honest about how you look, that’s a major deal breaker. You can kiss your potential mate goodbye.
  2. What to do when someone responds. It won’t be farfetched at all that someone will respond to the profile that you posted. When this happens, you will get notice via e-mail. Respond to the woman or women who have sent out feelers but do not get too worked up that you immediately speed things up by asking her phone number and setting up a meeting. Be cautious and test the waters. Correspond via e-mail for some time and when you think it’s proper to move forward, go ask for her number and take it from there. When you’re on the phone with her, listen to how she talks to you, the sound of her voice (excited, happy, or passive), and if she sounds like a happy and warm person (not over-eager to please).
  3. Move beyond the phone calls. Ask her out to meet you. This is not going to be your first date but rather a meeting to scope each other out. Your first meeting will tell you if you and she are clicking well in person. Avoid intimate places and orchestrate your meeting during the daytime. Meet at a park or at a diner for lunch.
  4. Determine if you want to take her out on a real date. After your initial meeting, you can then determine if she’s a keeper or someone you’d rather be friends with. If you’d rather not continue communicating with her, do not be so blunt about it. Be a gentleman. Also, you must remember that meeting a great woman doesn’t happen instantly. You might have to go on a lot of meetings and a handful of dates before you meet The One. Be patient and be positive.

Lastly, walk away if a woman asks for money. That’s a red flag. Run towards the opposite direction, Man.


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