How To Meet a Wealthy and Successful Man

Are you still waiting to meet the man of your dreams? Is he someone wealthy and successful? Stop waiting and find a way to meet him! It’s all about being at the right place and at the right time. You can’t meet a successful and wealthy man by hanging out in places where they don’t go or engaging in activities they don’t do.

Where are they?

There are a number of places where you can find wealthy and successful men.

  • Online. Visit Millionaire's Club International, the official website of the television show Millionaire Matchmaker. You can join the site and hope that Patti Stanger and her crew can hook you up with the millionaire of your dreams. There is no joining fee and women are given a complete personal evaluation. Once thoroughly screened, the women are introduced to male members of this international millionaire’s club. Also look for other websites that cater to women looking for rich men.
  • High-profile companies. Get hired as an executive assistant at an investment bank, financial institution, or consulting firm. Law firms who have rich clientele are great places to bump into rich men as well.
  • Health clubs and country clubs. Wealthy and successful men love to play golf and tennis. Many are conscious about their health so you can find them in high-end gyms and health clubs. If you are not a member of a gym or health club, join one. Not a country club member? Find a friend who is and ask if you can hang out there once in awhile. No money to spend in these places? Then try to look for a job there instead.
  • Visit museums or attend exhibits. Some wealthy men are into expensive art. Take time out to go to museums. Better yet, attend an opening of an exhibit. You can mingle with high society guests. Hopefully, someone will find you more interesting than the artworks. Fund raising dinners and gala premiers are events that will give you a chance to meet well-to-do men, too.

How do you prepare for them?

Before you grab your handbag and run to the nearest rich man’s watering hole, you need to prepare yourself for Mr. Big Bucks.

  • Get a makeover. Ditch the casual look and go sophisticated and glamorous. Get a new haircut, learn new makeup techniques and work on a healthier physique. Your physical appearance should be one of a reserved, classy, intelligent lady and not that of an I’ll-Do-Anything-to-Marry-Rich kind of woman.
  • Attend personality enhancement classes. Don’t just look good, have the confidence to show off who you really are. Take classes on how to carry yourself. If you need to improve the way you talk, take a speech class. Brush up on etiquette. You should be able to tell which fork to use with what type of food.
  • Take classes that will enhance your knowledge. Learn a new language. Study different countries and their cultures. Learn about different types of art. Brush up on your knowledge about wines. Try to understand stocks, bonds and other financial instruments. Read bibliographies and travel books.
  • Act naturally. Don’t be a phony. Just be yourself. You should come across as a sincere woman and not a two-bit gold digger.

The challenge is not how to bump into a wealthy, successful man or two. Rather, it is how to connect with him. You want the man of your dreams to be interested in who you are. You in turn should be interested on who he really is, not just how much he is worth.


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