How To Meet Men After a Divorce

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A divorce is painful, period. There’s no such thing as an amicable parting of ways because for sure, one or both of you will come away feeling awful at the very least. So getting back on the saddle again by trying to date will take some time and a lot of therapy. Post divorce and where kids are involved, getting back into the dating circuit when you feel that you are ready to meet other men will take some really honest explaining so get it out of the way as soon as you can but do not let your kids stop you from moving on. Though their opinions are important and as long as you are not being remiss as a parent and will continue to make them your priority, you are entitled to having your own personal life.

Here’s how to meet men after a divorce.

  1. Parent-Teachers General Assembly meetings. Okay, stop rolling your eyes. You are not the only divorced human being at your kid’s school. There will be others there as well. Try to be formal but friendly with other parents at your kid’s school and you just might meet another divorced man/parent. Getting to know other divorced men is not only helpful but healing as well because only another divorced man will know what you have been through. He went through the whole shebang himself. Remember though that meeting men this way should be done with the highest ethical motive. Do not move in for the kill right away. Act like a lady and be friends first.
  2. Go back to school. There’s a Barry Manilow song entitled Sandra that talks about a woman having done marriage so soon that there are things she would have wanted to do for herself before marriage swallowed her life up. Now that you find yourself divorced, maybe you can go back to school and continue getting an education. If money is an issue, try going to community college. If this is still not something you want to do, enroll in baking, cooking, dancing, or whatever else that catches your fancy while you have all this time on your hands. This will lead you to meeting more people while learning something new at this stage in your life.
  3. Consider a career. It’s never too late to start working again. Try sending in your resume and go to as many interviews as you can until you get accepted at a job. The workplace is good place to meet men.
  4. Take a vacation. Surely, you deserve it. Take a packaged tour with your best friend. Packaged tours allow you to meet other people through an organized vacation. While on vacation, accept all the invitations for parties and mixers thrown by the hotel.
  5. Put your profile up on online dating and social networking sites. If you are truly brave and adventurous, you can go online and upload your profile on dating sites Craigslist or for example. Sign up for Facebook and add in your friends (whose other friends could be yours, too).

Meeting men after a divorce won’t be as traumatizing if you take it slow and easy. If you are meant to meet a very special gentleman, it will happen without you forcing it.


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