How To Meet Singles Outside of Bars

The bar is one of the hottest places to meet singles, but not everyone is comfortable sipping gin and tonic each night in the local watering hole. If you want to meet other single people that you can hook up with, without having to visit bars, here are some of the steps that you can follow.

  1. Start with your interests. One of the simplest ways to meet people is to follow your own interests. If you are interested in photography, for instance, you can join the local photography club. Not only will you have the opportunity to showcase your talent and get your skills honed by others, but you can also meet up with other singles that share the same hobby and interest with you. One of the advantages of meeting people in clubs and organizations that are in line with your interests is that you automatically have something in common and something that the two of you can talk about.
  2. Get a drink. Get drinks, but not in the local bar. There are plenty of places that serve delicious drinks for you to enjoy and where you can meet singles outside of bars. If there is a local coffee shop in your area, you can drink your latte while reading a book. You can also visit local bakeries and cake shops where you can give yourself sweet treats while opening up the opportunity for singles to stumble onto you. Just make sure that you choose a seat where you get a good view of the people coming in and where others can see you. Once the regulars have noticed you, you can start making some small talk and start getting to know other singles better.
  3. Read a book. If you want to meet someone who is well read and who will have plenty of stories to tell you, visit the local book shop. There are plenty of book shops that allow their readers to sit and lounger around while enjoying books. Some will even offer coffee and allow the customers to bring in their drinks. You can talk to people who are into the same books that you are reading, or get recommendations from the man that you have been eyeing for several days.
  4. Walk around. Plenty of people do not get to meet others simply because they spend way too much time at home and in front of the television. Instead, why not try jogging in the morning or late in the afternoon. Or, take a stroll with some of the friends that you have made in the neighborhood. If you have a pet dog, this is also a great opportunity for you to meet other singles as you take your dog out for some exercise.

Finally, be sure that you meet with people of all sorts. Meeting with people is a great way to broaden your network and know more people in the neighborhood. One of your new friends is bound to know a single person who will be willing to take you out on a date.


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