How To Meet Up With Your Ex

Meeting up with an ex can be an awkward situation. This is the case because it is hard to see your ex as anything other than your ex. Yet, there are a number of ways one can minimize just how awkward a meeting with an ex can become.

If you are hoping to meet up with your ex, send out a test trial text message. Ease your ex into the idea of meeting up. If your ex is against the idea of going to lunch sometime, it's a lot easier for him or her to be honest in a text message than during a phone conversation. A short text message will allow your ex time to think it over and discuss it with friends.

Choose a neutral location. Don't have your ex over to your place and don't go to a favorite restaurant or hang out that the two of you used to have. Find a new coffee shop or a little deli that you and your ex didn't frequent often when you were together. This will help limit the amount of memories which can cause those uncomfortable situations to arise between you and your ex.

Greet your ex with a hug. If you automatically go for the handshake the minute you and your ex meet up, this sends out the signal that you are trying too hard to keep things formal. If you just act natural and give a hug, like you would with any old friend, you can alleviate that forced formal feeling.  If your ex pulls back, respect his or her space; it may feel too awkward to hug just yet.

Keep the conversation with your ex on the future, not the past. Reminiscing is fun if you are with an old high school buddy. Reminiscing with an ex, on the other hand, can be a painful situation. Talking about future plans as far as careers, plans for the holidays, or just simply what you plan to do next weekend will make for a quality discussion that stays away from the touchy stuff.

End the meeting with a nice sentiment. If you think the meeting with your ex went well and you want to continue to have a relationship with him or her, let your ex know. If it went horribly, thank your ex for taking the time to meet up with you and wish him or her luck on something that he or she mentioned during the meeting. The fact of the matter is, meeting up with exes is a difficult task; if you both made it through it like adults, you both deserve a round of applause.


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