How To Meet Women at the Dog Park

The dog park is not only great for getting some exerciser for your dog, but also for meeting single women who own dogs as well. Before strolling to the nearest dog park, however, you should be prepared to meet women. Here are some steps that will make the dog park fun not only for your canine pet but also for you.

  1. Let your dog do the talking. Few things will be as weird and as awkward as hanging out in the dog park without a dog. Be sure that you have your pet with you. Because you are in a dog park, you should know that the best creature to help out with the ladies is the dog himself. Let the dog fetch the Frisbee and interact with the other dogs. Letting your dog loose for a few minutes will give you some time to scout the area for female dog owners that you may want to talk to, and will give you the possibility of the dog bounding off to another dog whose owner you may want to talk to.
  2. Get a good spot to hang out in at the dog park. Where you will hang out in the dog park should be carefully selected as well. You can choose spots that have enough shade to allow you to hang out for some time, but make sure that you do not choose areas that are too secluded. Usually, there are walking grounds that are lined with trees and benches. These are where most of the people will gather. Here, you can also have a seat on the benches when you are tired of playing with your dog. If you are lucky, another woman will sit near you where you can flash your smile.
  3. Prepare your dog. Make sure that you pay attention to your dog’s need as well when you go out for a walk to the dog park. Make sure that the dog is in a good mood. The last thing that you want is to bring along an aggressive dog that will push off female dog owners that you may want to talk to. As much as possible, make sure that the dog is well rested, well fed, and that the pet has recently drunk water. You should also bring some treats to the dog park, and some hand sanitizer and a plastic bag where you can pick up your pet’s waste.
  4. Be friendly. Finally, be sure that you are friendly with the other dog owners. Keep in mind that your pet dog can only do so much for you. You should also be prepared to talk with the female dog owners. Get some treats in your backpack so that you will have some to share with your new acquaintance's dog. Keep in mind that few things will bring dog owners close to each other more than someone who knows how to care for pets.

With these easy steps, the dog park can be a place where both you and your pet will have some fun times together.


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