How To Mingle at a Singles Party

Meeting single people is becoming increasingly difficult. One of the ways to resolve this is through singles parties, which are dinners, balls, and other recreational activities that are held specifically to allow single people to mingle with others. Here’s how you can mingle and land yourself a catch in one of these singles parties.

  1. Choose your outfit. Start by making sure that you come to the party in a good outfit. Make sure that you choose something that is not too flashy and is classy. The outfit that you choose should not be based on trends but should be based on what fits you best. Make sure that you choose your accessories carefully. Too many pieces hanging from your body will look awkward. You need to look casual but attractive during the singles party. You also need to look like you are not too eager to land yourself a date.
  2. Bring your friends. As much as possible, bring friends to the singles party. If you have never been to a singles party before, there is the possibility that you will not find someone that you like. To prevent this, come with your friends so that you will be sure to have someone to talk to if the evening does not go according to plan. Even more importantly, however, bring people along will allow you to meet more people. You can introduce people to your friends, and your friends can introduce their new acquaintances to you.
  3. Scan for your prospects. Once in the party, be sure that you do not take too many drinks. Keep in mind that the purpose of the party is to get single people together – not for you to get drunk. Apart from this, it is usually not very attractive to find someone toppling down the stairs or tripping on his own shoes because of too much alcohol.  If you find someone that you like, keep an eye out for him throughout the night and wait for when he is alone and not talking to anyone.
  4. Making the move. Once your prospect is alone, get a drink and hand it to him. If this move is too bold for you, you can simply approach him and give him a smile. If he reciprocates the smile, you can initiate some small talk. One of the simplest ways to set the mood for the both of you is to begin with something that you like about him. For instance, you can complement the clothes he is wearing or the color of his eyes. You can also say that he has good taste in shoes.
  5. Get his number. If the two of you hit it and if you find that you and your prospect have lots of things in common, the final steps is to get his number or give your number to him. If not, you can move on to other prospects until you end up with someone that you like and who you are comfortable giving your number to.

Meeting single people at singles party does not have to be too challenging, especially once you have gotten the technique down pat. Through these easy steps, you should learn how to land a date in little time.


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