How To Move on when Your Ex has New Love

A relationship can be complicated and at times even convoluted. It is never simple. It involves different personalities, a lot of outside forces, different ways of thinking and looking at things. When you come from a broken relationship, you learn to move on in time. You meet new people, engage in new relations and go on with your life.

Somehow at times, history repeats itself and past hurts may resurface. You think that you have moved on after your breakup. You are just starting to get on with your life and feeling great to be back in the real world after a period of misery. Then suddenly you hear that your ex has a new love. What do you do? How should you feel? How should you react? Read the suggestions below on how to move on after knowing that your ex has found a new love.

  1. Do not be jealous. When you get jealous, you actually give your ex the chance to rile you and rub the fact that he has already found a new lover. If by chance you meet them, be cordial and congratulate the woman on choosing your ex. Shake their hands and smile. Act mature and confident. Engage in small talk when it is impossible to avoid it but make it short. Excuse yourself and then leave. There is no point in lingering. You emotional state may still be too fragile and at some point you may give yourself away.
  2. Wish them happiness. Let them know that you are happy that they found each other and give them your congratulations. Make it firm and convincing. Be glad of the fact that you are now actually free to get on with your life and look for a new love.
  3. Treat the new love normally. You do not have to hate the new lover. Remind yourself that they deserve each other. If the cause of your breakup was his cheating, then rejoice in the knowledge that it will not be you who will suffer this time around.
  4. It is all right to feel pain anew. You are not human if you do not get affected by the fact that your ex has found a new love. This is a normal reaction that anyone will display. You have gone through the process and this time around, the pain will be less and the healing time will be much shorter. Help yourself by not lingering on past memories and issues and what caused your breakup before. Bury those problems.
  5. Ignorance is bliss. You know that your ex has a new love, but you do not need to broadcast it to everyone as people will be eager to talk about it. Do not set out to know the details about the new lover either. The less you know the easier for you to forget and move on.
  6. Be happy for them. At one time your ex had been an important part of your life. Part of moving on is forgiving and wishing someone success and happiness. Be happy that he has found someone new. Believe that you too will soon find a new love. Focus on the future and do not linger on what happened before.

Do not get hung up on the fact that your ex has found a new love as this will prevent you from moving on. Get out and socialize. Be open to new relationships but do not rush things just so you can parade someone in front of your ex. Focus more on your complete healing and happiness.


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