How To Nap a Baby at the Beach

Taking a beach trip with your family gives you the perfect chance to get away from all the stress and worries of work and big city living. Instead of trying to survive the concrete jungle, you can just relax and unwind by taking in the sun, the wind, the surf and the sand. Bringing your child along might give you worries – babies are notoriously temperamental, and might end up crying and throwing tantrums. The best way to keep your baby safe and out of trouble is to nap him: this way, you can just soak in the sun and relax while your baby is snoozing away safely. Here are some things that you should follow to nap your baby to sleep at the beach.

  1. Try to follow the regular napping schedule. After several months, the most babies have already settled into a regular naptime schedule. The simplest way to nap your baby at the beach is to wait for his regular naptime before you start rocking your baby to sleep. Keep your routine time, even if your baby is busy with playing or building sand castles – you only have a small window period with which to work with. If you miss this window period, your baby might not only be impossible to nap, but might become cranky and irritable.
  2. Give your baby enough time to play and tire himself out. It is best for you to get to the beach early for this tip. Babies are curious and energetic, and the fascination of being in the beach will cause him to run around and play for a long period of time. While keeping him in view, let him explore the beach and use up all his energy – eventually he will tire and you can then easily nap him.
  3. Make a quiet corner your baby can retire to. Babies will feel uncomfortable in the heat and the sand, so you should make a little nook where your baby can rest. A simple setup of a beach umbrella and blanket (preferably with pillows) will provide you and your child a place rest and hide away from the sun.
  4. Feed your baby and give him a change of clothing. By feeding your baby and changing his dirty clothes, you give him a full stomach and the feeling of a clean set of clothes. It will become easier for you to settle your baby down and put him to sleep.
  5. Follow the normal routine you have in napping your baby. Babies will respond to set routines, so aside from following the normal nap times of your baby, you should also follow the daily rituals of napping your baby. If your child is one that likes to be patted to sleep, pat him until he falls asleep. If your baby prefers being rocked to sleep, hold him up and rock him gently until he’s tired out. After hours of play, your baby may pretend to want more activity, but secretly, just wants an excuse to fall asleep in your arms.

After your baby falls asleep, make sure to place him in a spot that’s free from direct exposure to sunlight. Give him enough space for comfortable sleep, and lie down next to him. Both of you can then relax and just enjoy the sound of the rolling waves, lulling you both to sleep.


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