How To Nurture Your Husband

In every marriage, the husband needs to be strong and stable both physically and mentally. The wife is the sensitive and emotional part of the partnership. Nevertheless, the husband standing as the rock of the partnership will need to be nurtured through love and care once in awhile. If a husband is not cared for, he will be encouraged to look for tender care and love in another. No wife would want this to happen. There are hundreds of ways you can nurture and care for your husband that will ensure that he will remain faithful and loving to you, his wife.

  1. Feed him. As the saying goes, the way to a man’s heart is through his stomach. Many people may laugh at this statement thinking it a joke. The reality is, for most men, a woman who can cook will be attractive. This is because a man will subconsciously look for a wife that can look after the domestic necessities of a husband and a family later on. In these modern times, it may seem that the traditional concept of a wife has changed, but to a husband, he will still adore a woman who can put good food on the table. So, if you really want to nurture your husband and make him feel loved and cared for, start by feeding him well.
  2. Thank him. It is true that wives sometimes forget to show appreciation for what husbands do for the marriage and the family. If the husband is the primary provider of the household, it is crucial that a wife show appreciation and thanks once in awhile. Husbands do not to be recognized all the time however, an occasional “thank you” said to him will increase his self worth and will make him think that you really appreciate his role in the marriage. If you are not a very vocal wife, then you can show him your thanks through a hug, a kiss, or a fulfilling adventure in the bedroom. Make him feel that he is needed and reward him for what he does.
  3. Trust him. Majority of marriages fail because of the lack of trust and faith in each party. Wives tend to be the party more inclined to get jealous and doubt the fidelity and faithfulness of their husbands. If there is no trust between husband and wife, then the marriage will end up worthless. Trust is the key. Nurture your husband by letting go your doubts and giving him your full trust. If your husband feels he is trusted, then there is a good chance your marriage will succeed.
  4. Stop nagging him. Husbands do not respond well to wives that focus on small mistakes that they make. When a husband goes home from work every end of the day, he wants to retreat from the stress outside to home filled with love and care. If he comes home to a nagging wife complaining about his being late, then he may eventually look to retreat to another place to let go of his stress. If you truly want to make your husband feel loved and cared for, let go of the little mistakes he makes and focus on the greater good he does for you and your family.

The husband is the traditional rock in a marriage. They are seen to be physically and mentally strong which is greatly needed by the feminine and emotional frame of the wife. However, this does not mean that the husband is exempted from nurturing love and care.


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