How To Offer Love

Love is difficult to define since it is both emotion and action. Love has no physical form so many people have trouble learning how to love. If you are interested in giving and expressing love, then follow these steps.

  1. Check in with your feelings. Love and infatuation are not the same thing. Before you get started offering your feelings and taking the remaining steps, spend some time finding out how you feel. It is easy to get caught up in the quick rush of adrenaline and lust caused by a new relationship. Take a few days alone to really get in touch with your feelings.
  2. Concentrate on the person you love. Love is selfless so you cannot spend your time considering how you feel and how you want to be loved. Instead spend your efforts getting to know your love and what matters to him or her. Each person feels love differently because we have different needs. Find out what the person you love needs so that you can show your love in a way that he or she will respond to.
  3. Take action. Love is an active emotion. This means that you don't just love someone by having a strong feeling toward that person. Love is visible in the ways you take care of the person you love. If you feed, clothe and provide shelter for your children, you are showing your love. Similarly, if you care for your boyfriend when he is sick or you just create his favorite meal, you are loving, and taking action that demonstrates your love.
  4. Offer time that includes love. Nothing says "I love you" like spending some time together. This is true in relationships with your kids and your partner. Show your love by planning a special day together when you can be alone and spend time hanging out or doing something together that you both enjoy.
  5. Open your heart and your life. Giving in to the emotions and warmth that come with love may seem risky. Being so open to another person creates nervousness and fear in many. These fears are normal and rational. Love however, is not rational. In order to love, you must open your heart. You might risk getting it broken but without this risk, you cannot truly love.

Love is an emotion that longs to be expressed through action and devotion. If you are new to expressing your emotions or have never trusted in love, taking the next step may be shaky. You do not have to fear love if you follow these steps and offer your heart.


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love indeed is not just a feeling - it's something you do. very true..

By Anonymous

i agree with #1 - figuring out how you really feel first. nice tip :)

By Anonymous