How To Organize a Preschool Sleepover

If your child wants to have a preschool sleepover with friends, you are one of the people who can make the dream come true. With a bit of effort and preparation, here’s how you can make a fun and safe sleepover for your little one.

Coordinate with parents. Begin by coordinating with the parents of the other children. The number of children who will join the sleepover should not exceed your supervising capacities. Keep in mind that small children can be very hyperactive, which is why it is of utmost importance for you to keep the guest list to a minimum. Five kids will usually be enough for a fun sleepover party, without being too much of a burden for you. Make sure that all of the parents are informed of the sleepover beforehand.

Food. Prepare food that is healthy but enjoyable for the kids. You can focus on some fancy desserts to spice things up, especially since the sleepover is a special time for your child and his friends. Make sure, however, that you check with the parents first for foods that their children may be allergic to. Apart from food allergies, be sure to talk to the parents about other possible allergies, such as to pet animals that may be present in your house. Also be sure to have the children’s medication at hand during the sleepover party.

Games. Prepare a short program for the children. There should be some fun games such as hide and seek or other simple games for children. Other games that your child and guests can play are video games, which are easier to set up as long as you have the gaming consoles and the television prepared. You can also check out classic party games such as board games, chess, and even scrabble. These games are not only entertaining but can also be quite educational and are said to make children smarter.

Bedtime. Be sure that you get the children to bed at an early bedtime, because children will need plenty of sleep. Usually, children will start getting sleepy at around 8 o’clock in the evening, especially if you have allowed the small children to play sports during the day, which will really drain them and make them ready for sleep. Be sure to give the children some milk and biscuits before bedtime, and to get them to wash up and brush their teeth.

Pick up time. Coordinate the pickup time with the parents for the following day. The last thing that you want is to babysit the other children until the afternoon the next day, so make sure that you inform the parents to pick up their children at around nine in the morning, and no later than eleven in the morning unless you want to prepare additional food for the guests.

Sleepovers can be very fun experiences for preschool children. Through these easy steps, you can make sure that the children get to enjoy the sleepover while preventing yourself from being overly strained from looking out for the children.


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