How To Organize a Wedding Shower

Wedding showers are a great way for new couples to announce their engagement. In the wedding shower, the couple can also be given gifts and can be congratulated by other people for their decision to get married. If you want to host a wedding shower, here are some of the steps that you will need to organize the event.

Date. In order for you to get as many friends and family together for the wedding shower, you should schedule the shower in a time that is convenient for the largest number of people. The usual dates that are used are weekends, since most people are free during weekends. However, you can also host a wedding shower on Friday nights after office hours, although some of the guests may want to relax and unwind during this time. Add in a few drinks, however, and you can help them relax as they attend the shower.

Guest list. The guest list should also be thought of in advance. Ideally, you will need anywhere from ten to twenty guests, depending on whether you want a large or small group for the wedding shower. Keep in mind, however, that the larger the group, the more difficult it will be to organize the group. You will also need a venue that is large enough for up to twenty people to move about. If you have the spare cash, you can actually rent a hotel conference hall for the wedding shower.

Theme. Most wedding showers are themed. The theme can be as simple as a color code for the dress. You can create a white themed wedding shower for example. You can also have a tea party themed wedding shower where you can serve tea and a variety of biscuits and other pastries. You can even have a Rubber Ducky themed wedding shower, in anticipation of forming a family after the wedding.

Menu. The menu for the wedding shower will depend on the theme that you have chosen. For example, if you have chosen a Hawaiian themed wedding shower, you can barbeque some chicken kebabs and serve these with Hawaiian fruit punch. Apart from the theme, make sure that the food you serve are easy to prepare and easy to for the guests to eat. Finger foods are ideal. If you have the spare money, you can hire caterers to prepare the food for you.

Program. Make sure that you have a short program for the wedding shower. The program does not have to be too detailed, but should give direction to the wedding shower. You can add a short video showing the happy couple, for instance, or set a time in the wedding shower for the guests to congratulate the couple or present their gifts.

Finally, create small tokens that you can give to your guests. The tokens can be as simple as a thoughtful card, although you can be more creative and give away small items such as decorative boxes or baked goods. These will show the guests that you have enjoyed their presence and participation in your wedding shower.


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