How To Organize Backyard Olympics for Children

Sports are one of the best ways to keep children busy while making sure that their bodies get the exercise needed for the children to develop strong and healthy bodies. To make sports and games even more fun for children, you can ride the Olympics bandwagon and organize a backyard Olympics games for your kids. Here’s how.

Events. Start by determining the events which are suitable for the small children and which they will be able to play in. the age of your kids will largely determine the types of events that you can have. Also consider the available resources. If you have a pool in your backyard and if your children know how to swim, for example, you can create swimming competitions. If you have a large field at the back of the house you can have running games. You can also have throwing games, and any other event that your kids can play and which your home can handle.

Prizes. Make sure that you have suitable prizes. You can get small medals from crafts shops as one of the basic prizes, although you can also create other types of prizes such as gifts, toys, and even a trip to your child’s favorite restaurant or the opportunity for your child to watch a movie of his choice. Be creative and think of what will be fun for your child.

Guests. Next, consider the guest list. The guest list will also be the players for the events. If you have a number of small children, they can play among each others. Otherwise, you will need to invite other small children around the neighborhood or in the school where your child goes. You will also need to get the consent of these children’s parents.

Obstacle sports. One of the more fun games that the children can play are the obstacle courses. You can create a simple obstacle course using old tires and other scrap materials that are found around the house. You can also add ropes hung between trees that the children will need to grab onto and swing from, and you can use chairs to create zig zag routes.

Team sports. Apart from obstacle courses, team sports are another favorite when it comes to backyard Olympics. You can organize volley ball games, basketball games, and a host of other team games. Keep in mind, however, that team games will require a larger number of participants, which may be difficult if you are supervising and facilitating the backyard Olympics all by yourself. If you have the help of other parents from the neighborhood, however, this will be easier to do.

Awarding. After the fun and games, create a little awarding ceremony so that all of your players will have the chance to reap their medals and get their moment in the spotlight.

Starting your child’s career as an Olympian athlete begins at home and at a young age. Through these steps, you can make your child sportier and healthier all at the same time.


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