How To Organize Your Hen Weekend

Points to Make Sure You Organize the Perfect Hen Weekend

Follow these steps to ensure that you remember all that there is to remember when organizing your Hen Weekend. Don't forget your boyfriend's mother, and remember that Kate and Jess hate each other and that Marianne doesn't drink. Your guide to getting it right.

  1. Pick a decent Maid of Honor. This is ‘key' and she should be your ‘wing man’ and make sure that you are not bearing the burden of organizing your Hen do as well as your marriage. Making your choice should be easy. You just need to know that they are going to be reliable and take the challenge head on. If you think for any reason that she is going to ‘forget’, then she is not the ‘man’ for the job.
  2. Select your group. It is important to make sure that they all get on and that you can all find a common ground even if they are all different. If two people do not get on, then you have to make sure that they are either going to set their differences aside for the entirety of your Hen Weekend, or you might well have to choose between the two of them. If you are inviting a range of ages to come on your Hen Weekend, remember that your husband-to-be’s mother might not want to stay up until 4am drinking Tuaca and singing Careless Whisper, so be prepared to be a little more reserved or have two Hen Weekends.
  3. Choose your Hen Weekend destination. Make sure that your destination fits what you want to do on your Hen Weekend. If you want to sun bathe and get pampered by the pool, then Worthing probably isn’t the right destination for you. It is always nice to go somewhere completely different that you can all experience together and something that has what you are looking to get from your Hen Weekend. If you do want more culture than a late night bar, think about a city where you can get this. If you're staying in the UK, then Bath, Bristol and Brighton have fantastic night scene as well as plenty of culture for you to get your teeth into.
  4. Plan your time. Get your notebook out and plan what you want to do on your Hen Weekend. Whether it is sightseeing or getting your nails done or throwing some shapes in a top club, make time for the things that you want to do and always make sure that at least one activity involves unwinding and drinking champagne. You might want to utilize your Hen Weekend to try something that you have never done before -- perhaps Zorbing or Paintballing or off-roading. If you are finding it too hard to do this, then why not try a party planning company that can do all of the leg work for you?
  5. Don’t behave like a wally. What tends to happen on these kind of dos, is that someone thinks that it is hilarious to shout, drink too much, be sick in the street or punch a bouncer – behavior that ‘one’ wouldn’t normally exhibit. The problem is that when a big group of girls are together, much like guys, they start to act in a pack and jeer each other on, encouraging this kind of conduct. Remember that you might not be in your local or in your town, but you are in someone else’s, so try to respect that and don’t get in a fight with someone over the last bag of nuts.

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