How To Pack an Emergency Bag for Your Wedding Day

Congratulations! Your wedding day is finally here. On your wedding day, lots of little things can come up that could become a pain and cause some anxiety. It is easy to avoid these by packing a bag with a few essentials. Here are some things to help make your day go smoothly:

  1. Medications. Anything from prescriptions that might need to be taken, allergy pills, or inhaler, to simple things like aspirin or other pain relievers in case of a headache. This will help ensure that no one in the bridal party gets caught off guard by not feeling well before the big day.
  2. Makeup. Having an extra lipstick, lip-gloss, mascara, and powder can help do any last-minute touchups that might be needed, even if you had your makeup professionally done. These things can help prevent shine in pictures, or touch up if anyone is getting teary. Carrying a bottle of clear nail polish can also help with a run in pantyhose or to help protect a manicure.
  3. For dressing emergencies. Dressing problems can cause a lot of stress but are usually easy to solve if you're well prepared. A needle and thread can help with a loose or popped button. If pantyhose are worn, bring an extra pair in case there's a run. Safety pins can help secure something that's a little loose, hide a popped button or make a few quick alterations if needed. Scissors will help if there are any loose threads or to cut off any last minute tags without ripping. 
  4. First aid.  Anti-bacterial sanitizer, first aid ointment, and band-aids can help with any blisters or scratches.
  5. Beauty supplies - Keeping supplies such as deodorant, perfume, and a spare toothbrush on hand will help to do any freshening up. Things like hair spray, bobby pins, or an extra hair band can come in handy with any last minute touch-ups for any of the wedding party's hair.

Now that you have your bag packed, you're ready for anything. Above all else, no matter what surprises come up, don't forget to enjoy your special day!


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